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I had an about page that I really loved.  Then I lost it.  I lost it when my blog was deleted due to a misunderstanding.  I cried a bit.  So here’s my half-hearted attempt to re-write it..in the third person of course.

In 1998, Rozanne began her parenting journey and had her daughter.  Rozanne married her firstborn’s father, her high school sweetheart, in 2000.  Rozanne thought she would have only one child.  (She giggles every time she thinks about that.)  Then in 2003, they had a second.  That’s when it really started to get fun.  She decided to stay-at-home…and then they decided to have more kids. In the last four years, they completed their family with their fifth child and decided to homeschool.  She decided to start writing about their adventures in 2009.

The family of 7 live in a small cozy semi-detached house in the city.  Her husband, Ever-Patient, a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, also blogs about being a dad.  After 20 years, they still have their sense of humour and are best buddies.  Their favourite things to do together are hanging out on long drives, having family meals, and watching their kids clean the kitchen afterwards.


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