The definition of scribble:

1. write or draw something carelessly or hurriedly

2. a piece of writing or drawing produced carelessly or hurriedly

But if we go back a little further, we find that the word scribble is derived from the Latin word scribere, “to write.”

And according to Wikipedia,

scribble is a drawing composed of random and abstract lines, generally without ever lifting the drawing device off of the paper. Scribbling is most often associated with young children and toddlers, because their lack of hand–eye coordination and lower mental development often make it very difficult for any young child to keep their coloring attempts within the line art of the subject.

Adults also scribble, although generally it is done jovially, out of boredom (as in doodling), as a form of abstract art, or to see if a pen works.

Why scribbling? 

Why not just write a little bit every day?  Why don’t I just make it a simple prompt for myself and write a little snippet of something for 100 days?  Why use the word scribbling?

Actually, my friend Brooke came up with 100 scribbles.  We were trying to figure out something to keep our daily practice going – she was writing a poem a day in April and I had been doing daily creative prompts in May.  Both these endeavours have done wonders for our creative habits.  We just wanted to keep going.  I wanted to turn my attention to writing.

And I love how she put it – “the economy of words.”

I adore when my children draw freely.  They draw with abandon.  They scribble in a hurry, almost desperate to get their drawing down as if it will float away if they don’t do it right now.  There is no overthinking.  No contemplation over the composition.  They are able to let it flow and create.

Each morning, I want to do this.  I want to write in a hurry with an almost careless ease.  Almost.  I want to practice writing simply using an economy of words.  I want to be bare and right now.  I don’t want to always know what to do.  I want to be open to the moment and take a gamble with my thoughts.

I want to be write here and write now for the next 100 days.


Join us and link up or use instagram #100scribbles.




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