Month: March 2014

  • spring fever in full effect.

    Nothing like a surprise gift of flowers from a friend and a quote from Rainer Maria Rilke to entice spring to show itself. The sun is shining and the children are bouncing off the walls. They are also bouncing balls off the walls.  They are bouncing their bodies off of furniture.  They are bouncing off each […]

  • our homeschooling story. part 6.

    This is the last post in “Our Homeschooling Story” series.  In previous posts, I talked about the why, the what, our days, the tough bits, and more tough bits. I was going to end our story at part 5 but I felt I needed to explain what my children have taught me because I’m not the only […]

  • our homeschooling story. part 5.

    A sibling hug last summer in New Brunswick.  (Totally staged of course.) This week I have covered the questions of why we chose to homeschool, how we chose a curriculum/method, what our day looks like right now, what some of my challenges are in terms of homeschooling, and today, on my last post of “Our […]

  • our homeschooling story. part 4.

    I’ve answered the top three questions I get from curious outsiders about our homeschooling story: why we chose to homeschool, how we chose a curriculum/method, and what our day looks like right now. Although Ever-Patient and I fully embrace homeschooling and all the benefits we reap from it, homeschooling can be difficult. This next question […]

  • our homeschooling story. part 3.

    Once the days warm up, “school” moves outside.  We’re almost there kids… Over the last few days I have addressed the questions of why we chose to homeschool and how I chose the curriculum/method we have used.  Again, here is the disclaimer:  It is our story.  Every family has a story and a way of life […]

  • our homeschooling story. part 2.

    The fab five on a homeschooling trip to the Butterfly Conservatory during our first official year of homeschooling all of them. The next question I am normally asked involves curriculum and what I “do” with the kids: How did you choose a homeschooling method/curriculum? Each homeschooling method is like a different outfit.  Sometimes you have to […]

  • our homeschooling story. part 1.

    I received these homeschooling questions from a lovely blog reader named Tracy: I do have some questions re homeschooling. I have 5 children also aged from almost 11 down to almost 1. We are homeschooling and honestly, I have no clue what I am doing. Do you use one specific curriculum or do you pick […]

  • hello spring?!?

    The first day of spring was a chilly overcast day.  Grey skies and flurries.  As first days of spring go, it really sucked.  (I sometimes hesitate to use ‘suck’ when describing disappointing situations but sometimes there is no other word to use.) Circle time was a dud.  No one was in the mood for new […]

  • the fulcrum.

    I was looking over some potential school material on physics including the six types of simple machines when one of them gave me pause:  the lever and the fulcrum.  The whole concept struck a chord.  The fulcrum is the support about which the lever pivots and “the lever operates by applying forces at different distances […]

  • the F-word.

    (I tried to make the most fun image of the word “fun” ever. This makes me happy.) On a recent Facebook post by Melisa Nielsen in the Homeschooling Waldorf Support Group FB page, she posed the question: Is your life fun? Melisa continued to say, “It took me many years of walking through some ick […]