Month: March 2014

  • underneath.

    In this picture, taken in Havana last year, the girls are laughing at me because I am trying to look natural for this picture. One of my daughters (or all): “Mom, you don’t smile and you hate it when people take pictures of you.” Ouch. Me: “I do smile.  See?”  I flash a really bad, […]

  • sunrise | sunset.

    The airport felt a little different this time.  I have to say arrivals are a little easier on the heart than departures. She’s back.  Relief is an understatement. My first-born has returned from her 3-week trip to the Philippines. At around 10pm last night, we were reunited at the airport.  She had just had “breakfast” […]

  • a room of one’s own.

    a room of one’s own.

    (Seeing as it’s not an option at the moment, I would love to have the print above to hang in my home by Alanna Cavanagh.) I would love to have my own room to write, to sew, to make, to read, to sit, to train, to laugh, to listen, to be still. I told you in the course […]

  • wanted: a sojourn in the sun.

    Let me be more specific: a warm sun. Oh because there has been sun.  The bright beautiful sun accompanied by -30 degree wind chill. In like a lion…Another snowfall last night.  -19 degrees Celsius right now. Can we really make the best of it?  I’m not going to become as broody as I was in […]

  • well that was rough.

    February had me down for the count – KO’d.   Total knock out.  I hung in there for the first three weeks…but man, this past week… You may have been wondering where I’ve been. I was waiting by the phone, iPad, computer.  Waiting for a much anticipated message from a first-born who promised to call […]