Month: April 2014

  • a letter. two decades later.

    Dear me on April 29 1994, Tonight is a big night for you.  Yes, you’re probably nodding your head in that smart-ass teenage way like you know this already.  You will be in a high school fashion show and you are nervous.  Well, Miss Know-It-All, that’s not what I mean when I say “big night.” […]

  • the art of proportions.

    On my other project, Sense of Story, our theme is BALANCE.  Last week Gwynyth wrote a great article on why striving for balance “irks” her.  In her essay, she poses a question that made me stop and think: Are we putting our time in at work, scheduling increments of one on one time with our […]

  • a week later: post-birthday thoughts.

    This past week has been filled with lessons, makings, training, frolicking in warmer weather, and of course, a birthday celebration: It was also filled with lots of trips down memory lane.  I keep a scrapbook for each of my children and spent the weekend flipping through #1’s book with family.  I came across this page […]

  • sweet…

      Happy Birthday to my eldest child.  Whoa Nelly. 16. Yup. Uh-huh. (Um, Yeah. Stay tuned for a separate post of how I’m dealing. A LONG separate post. )