Month: May 2014

  • when we’re sick…

    We read and write poetry. Of course we do. You probably think I’m a crazy lady.  My kids looked at me incredulously when I told them we would be doing poetry whenever someone got sick. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Poetry? Are you kidding? I can barely keep up with the care-giving and the cleaning […]

  • motherhood. part five.

    This is me and #4.  She is recovering from pneumonia.  We are in Key West.  This is one of my mom stories – the time I took care of her all day in an interior cabin (no sunlight) on a cruise ship and no food for me.  She slept.  On the TV in the room, […]

  • on motherhood. part four.

    I am a mother of daughters and a son who doesn’t like to take pictures with just girls…. …and here he is with his dad. But before I became a mother, I was a daughter.  All mothers are daughters. “For we think back through our mothers if we are women.”  – Virginia Woolf My mother lives […]

  • an eleventh birthday.

    My motherhood series here will continue tomorrow as my motherhood life continues at home with a special birthday.  #2 is 11. I don’t know how that happened. Today I watch her run into the woods but I still remember the child that clung to my leg wherever we went. My own personal barnacle. Today I […]

  • on motherhood. part three.

    My story begins with this:  I have been a mother for almost half my life. (The above photo is from the cover of a photo book they made for my birthday…they managed to find pictures with me in them!) Let me rewind first. When I was young, I didn’t see myself having children.  I thought about them in […]

  • on motherhood. part two.

    I have mixed feelings about Mother’s Day. You’re probably thinking that I believe “every day should be Mother’s Day” or that you should “show your appreciation for your mother on any day” and not have just one day dedicated to that. No. It’s not like that.  I completely agree that one day should be set […]

  • on motherhood. part one.

    Mother. That’s what I am first and foremost.  Yes, I am a woman, a wife, a friend, a daughter, etc.  But I am under no illusion that any of those roles come before my role as a mother.  Everything I am at this moment is derived from being a mother – every thought, every word […]

  • the morning after.

    Trying to remember the details of the last four weeks is like grasping at straws…blindfolded. It has been 4 weeks of illness, travel, and drama.  4 weeks of failure.  4 weeks of exhaustion. 4 weeks of tears on all sides.  4 weeks of living shallow breath to shallow breath.  4 weeks of multiple cups of […]