Month: October 2014

  • #5 is 5… pass the tissue please.

    My fifth-born turned 5 years old on Wednesday. His October birthday is the last one on our calendar for our family of 7.  The girls’ birthdays are in succession: April, May, June, July.  It is even in birth order – completely unplanned.  His 5th birthday capped off a year of transition for my family.  I […]

  • unfamiliar territory.

    On Thursday afternoon, I looked up at the sky and saw this: And then I had one of those realizations that stop you mid-breath, mid-thought, mid-movement.  You know those ones that creep up on you suddenly, like turning a dark corner and seeing those neon lights of a 7-11 – a jarring, bright light in […]

  • the #1 thing i do to get out of a funk.

    Oh it’s not this.  But this recipe does make me happy. I just wanted to share how much I love this apple crisp recipe…the link to it has completely disappeared but basically you melt coconut oil (2 tbsp), honey (2 tbsp), and cinnamon (a shake), and nutmeg (1/2 a shake) in a saucepan and then […]

  • week 4: the fall.

    I am in the midst of week 4. All the ladies know THE WEEK. This is the week where there are irrational outbursts, parenting failures, threats that sound like desperate pleas, and late night conversations about “us.”  This is the week with random rants starting with two words –  “You people…”  This is the week […]

  • 20 things i have learned in september.

    Goodbye September. September completely flew by.  It was a month of summer carrying over.  A month of new beginnings.  A month of adjustments and adaptations. A month of being outside. A month of renewing our rhythm as a family and at home. At the end of September, I took an inventory of my observations.  Armed […]