Month: November 2014

  • field notes, failures & future experimentation. part 2.

    Yesterday I posted all about some failed experiments and my refreshed outlook on experimentation. Today I want to delve into the status of my ongoing grandest experiment and discuss some ideas for future experiments. I just finished reading Holdfast: At Home in the Natural World by Kathleen Dean Moore for our Sense of Story book club.  (Our discussion will […]

  • field notes, failures, & future experimentation. part 1.

    ex·per·i·ment noun \ik-ˈsper-ə-mənt also –ˈspir-\ : a scientific test in which you perform a series of actions and carefully observe their effects in order to learn about something : something that is done as a test : something that you do to see how well or how badly it works ex·per·i·ment verb \-ˌment\ : to do a scientific test […]

  • 4: love your experiments.

    This week: 4. Love your experiments (as you would an ugly child). Joy is the engine of growth. Exploit the liberty in casting your work as beautiful experiments, iterations, attempts, trials, and errors. Take the long view and allow yourself the fun of failure every day. – Bruce Mau, An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth Last […]

  • the blank page.

    Here is a blank page.  Do what you want with it. How does that statement make you feel?  Honestly, it gives me the heebie-jeebies. I want to say:  What do you mean? Do I draw on it? Do I paint? Do you want me to write a story? What should I draw??? What do I […]

  • a back story + gr 2 & gr 4 animal blocks.

    Quasi-diary entry: I’ve left you hanging since Monday.  My first intention to pay attention,”Begin anywhere,” has been on my mind all week, infusing every idea, thought, and challenge I encounter.  I was excited to share this post yesterday but I realized that I had to finish up my article on my other home, Sense of Story.  That […]

  • 9: begin anywhere.

    Last Thursday, my husband came home from attending/assisting at a course this week and asked when my next blog post was coming out.  Confused, I asked him why because he normally doesn’t monitor the frequency of my content output.  Apparently, one of the course administrators approached him at the course and asked when my next blog […]

  • 14 things i have learned in october.

    I know, I know.  We are already halfway through November and here I am still reflecting on October. I am still catching my breath from October.  Any absence here on the blog indicates that each nanosecond of my time is being completely used up tending to more important matters.  October is a busy one and […]