Month: May 2015

  • mayBE 2015: thirty-one. part two.

    Ok. Here it is. My husband and I interviewed each other on our last morning in Barcelona. We recorded it.  This is probably one of the most awkward and uncomfortable things that I have done in awhile.  I really didn’t want to post it because it feels self-indulgent and weird.  I think we rambled a […]

  • mayBE 2015: thirty-one. part one.

    We arrived last night and I had nothing left in me to write this morning.  Scratch that.  I actually had too much in me to write.  For the last seven days, I haven’t really exhaled.  It was an amazing experience but there was just so much.  I woke up at 4:00am today because the house […]

  • mayBE 2015: thirty.

    Today my good friend Gwynyth Kier is guest posting today!  Along with my other friend Brooke, we started a little writing blog called Sense of Story.  She is a constant source of writing inspiration and feedback.  I am grateful for her support and encouragement and for being a guest today! *** Hello! I’m a mama to four […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-nine.

    Today I am spreading some love to my family.  Part of my childhood growing up was spent making up games, performing plays, and using my imagination with my cousins; cousins that contributed to my childhood that made it less lonely.  In some ways, they added to my vision of having a big family. To this […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-eight.

    About that Sagrada Familia basilica. HOLY. And about that word “holy.” Looking at the etymology of the word, “holy” is derived from “whole” and was originally used to describe “healthy, entire, and complete.” The Sagrada Familia is still under construction – far from complete.  Over 100 years in the making and there is still maybe […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-seven.

    Today my friend Lara Munro is guest posting. I met Lara for the first time almost 8 years ago on a Friday morning. She whisked two of my children away for a few hours.  She was a statuesque angel with her hair pulled back into a loose bun who greeted my #2 and my #3 […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-six.

    Introducing Nikki Satira.  She is another amazing young person that has been involved in getting my children excited about the outdoors. I have been lucky enough to also hear her sing in a couple of song circles.  Listen here to her beautiful voice.  Her passion for plants and all things wild is the type of passion […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-five.

    Yesterday was a full day. From sun up to sun down, we were on the move: hopping in a van, running to catch trains, hopping on and off trains, going up and down a mountain, waiting in lines, and walking from points A to B, often wandering off the planned path. In between destinations, I […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-four.

    After a long flight across the Atlantic, I am a little sore and a little jet lagged.  But I am not complaining.  Barcelona is beautiful.  The little town of Sitges, our home for the next week, is beautiful.  Being with my family  – my mom, my stepfather, my brothers, and my 7 – is beautiful. […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-three.

    Today my lovely friend, Falon Webb, is guest posting.  We first met on a beach.  Little did I know how a big part of our friendship would be centred around that place – where land meets water, where the edges of the defined blur with the edges of the unexpected.  We shared a beach in […]