Month: June 2015

  • 30.

    The cottage is asleep. I am inside and I can’t hear the sounds of the outdoors. It feels like the whole world is still asleep. This is the moment before dawn.  My time. My husband is awake with me and we sit silently as we write.  Today in my journal pages, I am writing about the […]

  • 29.

    We are off again on another adventure – a road trip and a cottage week. Our journeying this year has brought us to many new places and introduced us to new experiences.  They have become more than straightforward trips, they have been opportunities to grow and to learn something new about ourselves. During our trip […]

  • 28.

    Today I celebrate 15 years of marriage with my husband, Chris Lopez, Mr. Ever-Patient.  Today I celebrate not only our marriage but the very fact that we had a choice to publicly declare our commitment to each other.  A choice that, as recent events has shown, cannot be taken for granted. I celebrate this choice today. […]

  • 27.

    A revolution is being celebrated around the world today.  Rainbows fill my social media.  A step forward and outward.  Stories are being shared.  A check in the win column for love, acceptance, and joy. I have been thinking about revolutions and storytelling lately – separate concepts that I’ve been trying to connect. I’ve been reading […]

  • 26.

    “Mama, handstand!” I hear this phrase daily.  I whip out my phone and wherever we are, my #4 child does a handstand while I take a photo. This is her 100 Day challenge for herself – do one handstand daily in a different place and for me to document it. Even before the challenge, I was […]

  • 25.

    I get it, Jean-Michel. I get it. After accomplishing one-quarter of my goal of writing what I see right here and right now each day for a hundred days, I can confirm the following: The more I write, the more I like everything. The more I write, the more I see the world a little […]

  • 24.

    Yesterday we visited one of my eldest daughter’s old schools.  It was a school that she had attended the longest: five years.  After leaving this school, she had changed schools every year or alternated between homeschooling and schooling.  It wasn’t a visit that was planned for sentimental reasons.  I needed a copy of a document. […]

  • 23.

    Hello Summer. My experience in this Mexican flea market – mercado – is defining my summer intentions.   Religious merchandise, souvenirs, baskets, fresh fruit, meat, refreshments, and full meals were among some of the things that could be found in the market. There was so much to take in and absorb.  We went around a few times and […]

  • 22.

    This was my rainy morning view on my friend’s patio.  I was hoping the rain would clear up for our day in town. As I sat looking for a break in the grey, I thought about the Spanish verb: esperar. “Esperar” means “to wait for” or “to hope.” I realized this dual meaning as I was […]

  • 21.

    I take my husband for granted. He is an amazing father, partner, and friend.  We’ve been at this partnership in parenting for quite awhile. But I take him for granted. Let me explain. I assume that he will always be there to support and love our family because he has never done anything to make […]