Month: July 2015

  • 52.

       Where the stress falls. As I continue my decluttering and discarding frenzy, memories flood. (Actually they are more like landslides and avalanches.) As I am physically “editing” my life through discarding objects, I have noticed how I edit my memories. There are plenty that have ended up on the cutting room floor only to […]

  • 51.

      Today I dragged myself out of bed after only four hours of sleep.  Sleeping on the basement pull-out couch with our bedroom under construction does not make for a good sleep.  I desperately wanted to curl up under the covers instead of waking up. With our two eldest daughters away, Ever-Patient and I both can’t […]

  • 50.

    50 scribbles. The halfway point. The last few days have been my most challenging scribbles.  Writing at night is not my thing but mornings have been crazy. In the evening, I am still inspired to create art through images.  For today’s scribble, I chose to sketch a recent sunrise.  Sometimes the words just aren’t there […]

  • 49.

    For the last three days I have felt like a hummingbird. I have expended all energy flitting from one room to the next taking everything out, categorizing, and discarding.  We have made countless trips dropping off unwanted items at the donation centre. Although I had my hopes set on finishing discarding by today, it’s not […]

  • 48.

       It was a letting go and saying goodbye kind of day. It was a day of seeing old handmade toys find a new home with an excited little girl. It was a day of sharing stories from the past with strangers about items that were being let go. It was a crying and laughing […]

  • 47.

    I have been going 14 hours straight in “discard” mode, hence the late scribble tonight. I found the above two artist trading cards in a binder that I had made five years ago at an outdoor program that our family participated in with other homeschooling families.  These birds are at peace on land or they […]

  • 46.

    Seven people living in 1200 sq ft of space has inevitably leads to clutter build-up. But my question is:  Is it really inevitable?  Can we get a handle on this once and for all? I picked up this book by Maria Kondo: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. […]

  • 45.

    Today’s scribble is a leftover thought from yesterday’s post.  As I sat down in front of my blank book of hours today, I glanced over at my book pile and picked up this worn-and-torn book of mine, The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World by Lewis Hyde: On the cover, there are my […]

  • 44.

    Battling with an old foe today. The Inner Critic. Seth Godin referred to it as a dance with the Resistance.  And Cheryl Strayed wrote a brilliant letter to a struggling writer who was overwhelmed with fear and insecurity, the voice echoing in her head. I read this essay often. She writes: How many women wrote […]

  • 43.

      A couple of years ago, at Word on the Street – an annual book fest in our city, we met a poetry busker named Whitney French. Each of my children chose one word and she had to make a poem out of those five words: nature, friends, wish, lucid, fun And she created the […]