Month: September 2015

  • project gratitude: day twenty.

    Disclaimer: My quote choice today does not reflect a pro-bullfighting opinion.  I am commenting on the quote that directs attention to what is happening within the arena. I am grateful for the pause. Sometimes the pause is forced.  Sometimes it is self-imposed. This morning, my husband and I sat at the beach just before the […]

  • project gratitude: day nineteen.

    Today I am grateful for silence. I felt a little heavy today. More mellow.  It could have been the grey day again.  I found my solace in silence.    Recently I noticed a pattern.  On the more mellow and grey days, I notice how I am hyper-aware of my emotions and I am very mindful of […]

  • the next book of hours workshop + more…

    I will be having another Book of Hours Workshop on October 21 from 7-9pm. There are a few spots available.  If you are interested in holding a spot, please email me:   *** (Image borrowed from Symposium website) I am happy to announce that I will be teaching a Book of Hours inspired workshop […]

  • project gratitude: day eighteen.

    Today I am grateful for beginning our morning with laughter. It doesn’t always happen that way.  Today was a cloudy day.  A stay-in-bed and cuddle and read books kind of day.  It’s Monday and we were all buzzing a little still over our crazy-busy weekend. But my eldest daughter played a video for all of […]

  • project gratitude: day seventeen.

    Today I am grateful for busy. For the last two days, we have been busy. I used to hate that word.  But busy is the only word to describe this weekend. When you have seven people living in a house with one van and with activities that each person values, it gets a little hairy on […]

  • project gratitude: day sixteen.

    Today I am grateful for challenging my assumptions about myself. Because I question the story I tell myself ABOUT myself, this morning I found myself learning and speaking Spanish with Laura, a new Argentinian friend from Mexico. We had never met face to face.  In fact, I met her on Facebook last Friday.  My other […]

  • project gratitude: day fifteen.

    I am grateful to be able to know when I am afraid. Over the last few weeks, I have spent most of my energy on the Book of Hours Workshop, planning the homeschool learning centre, and my homeschooling lessons with the kids.  I have woken up each day with a purpose and with hope. Today was […]

  • project gratitude: day fourteen.

    I am grateful for my homeschooling family. Today we began a new project together and started a weekly learning centre.  It was a beautiful sight.  Littles having space to move around while bigs worked alongside each other on their own lesson work, helping each other and asking for feedback.  Mamas floating around to help and […]

  • project gratitude: day thirteen. book of hours workshop.

    I am grateful for being vulnerable. Today I taught my first workshop in years. My Book of Hours Workshop is a culmination of my practice of self-care for the last few months.  It is about re-writing your story by being aware of who you are right now with the help of wisdom from others who have […]

  • project gratitude: day twelve.

    I am grateful for waking up late today. My morning routine was completely thrown off today.  No sunrise.  No writing. A quick plan for the day jotted down as children wander into my room.  Independent work assigned in agendas for the morning. No time to collect myself.  All of the kids are up and it’s […]