Month: February 2016

  • full moon |full circle

    Part two of “thoughts on my retreat experience” will be coming up later this week.  For reasons I will explain later, I am participating in an exercise where I can’t talk about the past for the next three days.  This is a difficult exercise and I am sure I am going to reference the past […]

  • thoughts on my retreat experience. part one.

    On the first afternoon of the retreat, I found myself on the beach rubbing chocolate on my skin from head to toe and on the backs of women I had just met the night before. My back was scrubbed with chocolate by one of these women too.  And before we rinsed the chocolate off in […]

  • packing light.

    I know that people want to hear more about the retreat but this little post has been sitting in my drafts for awhile and I want to post it before I dive into the retreat and our experience living abroad over the last three and a half weeks.  We’ve had a lot of questions on […]

  • accepting invitations.

    In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I left for a week to attend a women’s retreat.  After a week spent with my family and my dad, I said goodbye and got dropped off 10 minutes down the road to a private beach house where I would be spending 7 days with 8 other strangers. Days […]

  • why i haven’t blogged.

    In Canada, today is family day. We decided to travel to Costa Rica for two months so that we could have family day every day.  With the exception of a week that I was away at a retreat and a week that my husband will be away at surf camp, we are together.  My dad […]

  • how we planned this trip.

    We stepped foot on this beach and my daughter said, “It’s like we never left.” After a week of visiting our favourite haunts, re-connecting with friends, and even going back to the same little store where boogie boards are sold at a bargain, we are settled in. What made us choose to come back to […]