Month: August 2016

  • love note no.13: dear routine.

    There have been a halt in love notes because I haven’t been at a computer.  We spent a few days last week at a friend’s cottage and I have just returned from a solo trip to Chicago to visit a friend.  Because this time outdoors and with friends is so precious to me, I am not on the computer […]

  • love note no.12: dear youngest child.

    Dear youngest child, It’s rare to have time alone with you these days.  You grab your baseball glove and call your dad to come play with you.  I’m the one who calls you in to get a drink or take a break or give you a kiss on the head.  You wave me off and […]

  • love note no.11: dear patience.

    Dear Patience, It feels like we hardly know each other.  I admire you from afar as I see you emerge in others.  I, on the other hand, haven’t made your acquaintance.  We have not been intimate bedfellows or even cooperative neighbours.  Sometimes we don’t even share the same postal code. But today I found you […]

  • love note no.10: dear library.

    Dear library, We miss you.  We miss our Tuesdays hanging out all morning at the library. You don’t understand our love for you.  It borders on unhealthy obsession for some of us.  Some of us have lamented that you aren’t open on Friday nights so we can go out and party it up with you, […]

  • love note no.9: dear fourth born.

    Dear fourth born, It was your ninth birthday on Saturday. Each year on your birthday, you always want to move.  You are a Leo summer baby. This birthday was a little rough because we had just moved out.  Your first birthday post-moving. We were camping so we all did what you wanted to do.  We […]

  • love note no. 8: dear mama.

    Dear Mama, I almost forgot to show you the following picture tonight before we left your house. Chris and I woke up to watch the sunrise across the lake, steps away from a tent that housed all the pieces of my heart, the day after we moved out.  We sat in silence for a bit […]