Month: December 2018

  • Redefining Christmas.

    This was the first year I was away from Toronto for Christmas. It was a strange feeling. When the first of December rolled around, my kids kept saying, “It doesn’t feel like Christmas.” I asked them, “What does it feel like then?” Then like a BB Gun filled with pellets that don’t make you bleed or […]

  • Knee deep.

    It’s been a wet season and our house is surrounded by mud.  The sticky kind.  The kind that ruins white tees, breaks flip flops and busts knees. Speaking of knees. Chris left for eight days to Toronto right after we returned from California. We came home and he turned around and left to be with […]

  • Not a Vacation: Part three.

    Due to recent events, including a certain husband splitting open his knee and being out of commission until further notice, blogging once again has been put on the back burner.  On the front burner: taking care of the kids, an injured partner, and animals.  Overall, channeling all my energy into being present and being aware […]