Month: January 2019

  • Mama Mondays: A Look Back.

    In the top photo, #4 is “reading” to #5. She has memorized the book from me reading it to her about 367 times a day. In the bottom photo, #4 is helping #5 read. From the second floor, I hear him sounding out words. I peek over and she is there patiently helping him. There […]

  • Loving the world.

    I was looking through my daughter’s Book of Hours/Poetry Book. I found a poem she had copied that was also in my Book of Hours. Mary Oliver passed away and we loved her poetry. I wrote how she deeply inspired me in this post about my real work.  From a very early age, poetry filled […]

  • The First Day of “School.”

    Yesterday my kids all woke up early on their own. They got dressed, fed themselves, packed their bags and brushed their teeth (or so they told me). I watched my son tuck and untuck his shirt several times before settling on “tucked” and he put on his favourite sweater and pushed up the sleeves. Just […]

  • Mama Mondays: Accepting An Unfinished Life.

    “I’m not finished yet.” My 9 year old pleads with me for more time to finish a drawing but we have to go.  We have one car and we have to drop off his big sis early at her job and then head to trapeze class for the rest of them.] I give him a […]

  • 25 Things I Hoped For.

    Hope. In Spanish, the verb “to hope” is esperar.  It also means “to wait” and “to wish.” I love that in this language, this anticipatory feeling is encompassed in this one word. 10 years ago, I wrote a blog post entitled “25 Things I Hope For.” I re-read this and was blown away about how these hopes have […]

  • Power.

    I have to admit that when I saw her FB post, I was envious.  I coveted the very thing that was finally in her grasp.  I told myself I was happy for her and her family.  She was very generous with sharing her boon with us. She knew how I felt as she was in […]

  • Why we don’t homeschool anymore. Part Two.

    Yesterday I promised to tell you more about why we don’t “homeschool” anymore. Mostly, it’s this narrow definition among a feast of possibilities and my kids called me out on it. I also have teens who hate being labeled and consistently tell me how they won’t do anything “school-y” even an online “accredited program” because […]

  • Why we don’t homeschool anymore. Part One.

    Almost 5 years ago I posted “our homeschooling story, part one.” I had gotten so many questions on homeschooling that I decided to write a series telling our story of homeschooling. After reading it a few days ago, I felt that I needed to update it as our story has changed. For example, here’s a […]

  • Mama Mondays: PICK one thing to keep you sane.

    Welcome to Mama Mondays. I often get asked “how I do it” or more accurately, “how I did it” with five kids.  My eldest no longer lives with us but that also doesn’t mean that I have stopped being a mother to five, in fact, motherhood becomes more intense during certain transitions – for example, […]

  • Does the world really need another blog?

    I began my first ever blog post by asking this question. This month I celebrate my 10th anniversary of blogging. When I read that first post, I can see a lot of the same fears that I still feel every time I share a bit of my story. When I started blogging I really didn’t […]