Month: April 2020

  • Sounds of today and a homeschool win.

    Let me preface this particular sound byte for today. Our oldest has not lived with us in four years so it’s a bit of an adjustment again. I forget she is an adult. She forgets we are her parents and that she has siblings. Overall, it’s been amazing to have her here and spend time […]

  • The Ghosts of Sounds Past.

    This is a blog post from 10 years ago with a list of things I heard around the house. (#1 refers to first child, #2 second child, and so on…) I wanted to post this because I am so grateful that I have documented snippets of our family life. All of a sudden the edges […]

  • The book I never wanted to read.

    I never in a million years thought I would be doing what I am doing this morning. I never thought I would pick up this particular book to read. And I love reading books. I am always reading at least five at one time. I could read this book in one sitting. I have seen […]

  • In praise of longing.

    I came across this quote in one of the books I am re-reading, The Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard: But isn’t waiting itself and longing a wonder, being played on by wind, sun, and shade? YES. I have often associated longing as a paralyzing, waste of time. It just screams weary and melancholic. […]

  • An Old Book of Hours Entry and a Dedication.

    I created this entry August 11, 2015. Every year I choose a poem or passage and a symbol for each child as a wish for their year. It was a way to set an intention to really see that child and keep the poem and symbol close to me the entire year. This one was […]

  • On Perspective. Part Two.

    Drawing is based upon perspective, which is nothing else than a thorough knowledge of the function of the eye. – Leonardo Da Vinci This past week I spent some time briefly reviewing some of the art movements post-Renaissance and I also asked them to look at some independent artists on Instagram and share some favourites. […]

  • On Perspective. Part One.

    Perspective: late Middle English (in the sense ‘optics’): from medieval Latin perspectiva (ars) ‘(science of) optics’, from perspect- ‘looked at closely’, from the verb perspicere, from per- ‘through’ + specere ‘to look’. ** After we finished an intense history block in March that ended with project presentations over Zoom, I asked my #2 and #3 teenagers what they wanted to learn in April with […]

  • Cycles. And the same old song.

    I was sitting having my coffee one morning in the last few weeks, enjoying the rising crescendo of birdsong, when I heard another type of song being sung. “Soaring…Flying…” At first, I thought I was just recalling an old memory in my mind as I watched the birds do what they do. But then the […]

  • The Forties.

    Youngest: “Mom, your boob is almost touching your pants.” Me: “Buddy, they’re high-waisted pants!” Oldest: “Or low-waisted boobs. Right Mom?” ** Ah yes. A sure sign of aging – gravity, loose skin, and of course, comments from the kids. Normally, they roll their eyes at my memory loss (“Where’s my phone?!…Oh, it’s in my back […]

  • A Mama Confession. And a Secret to Sanity.

    Back in the day, I used to cook. The older kids sometimes have flashback memories and think it was just a dream. I also used to bake fresh bread every day. When I cooked, Chris was working six days, sometimes seven days a week. He was beginning his new career in personal training after leaving […]