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We just got back from a cottage week away in northern Quebec.  Every year my husband has this “business retreat” with other online entrepreneurs to check-in and share what is in the works and any other general discoveries that has either helped or hurt their business this past year.  Although not everyone made it out this year, we had a fantastic time hanging out with the families that did.

As I was trying to reflect on the week’s connections and all the illuminating conversations, one quote popped into my head that was said over and over again by Dave Ruel.  He said:

“Figure things out. Get shit done.”

It was said throughout the week, a kind of mantra about what success looks like and a theme for the week at the cottage.  Husbands, wives, and families just doing the work that they love.  Most were running their own online businesses but it wasn’t limited to them – there were also two other passionate teachers in the mix, and I was one of them.

I watched us all bounce ideas of each other, chat about challenges (the word “failure” wasn’t used), and share information – business, parenting, health, fitness and life in general.  It was an amazing buzz of creative energy.  To be there was to live and think a little unconventionally in relation to the majority.  But in this cottage, it was the norm.

It was the norm to not put things off.  It was the norm to figure things out and get shit done.

The week itself and being around this dynamic group of people reminded me of the Seneca quote above that I have mentioned a few times on this blog.

Live immediately.  This goes back to my “Don’t wait” motto for the year.  But thanks to this week, I know that my husband and I are not alone.  I have seen what “living immediately” looks like, what it means  to get shit done NOW.

When you can’t figure things out, you ask for help.  You go for a cottage getaway with like-minded people and are met with generosity of ideas, time, and advice.  Trusting in abundance, you give too.  An honest exchange of thoughts based on good intentions follow.  Everyone wins.  This group believes how collaboration helps us all grow and move forward.

A big and heartfelt thanks to all of you at the cottage for sharing your stories, your generosity, and living passionately and boldly.  Thank you for exposing my children to BIG DREAMING and showing them what following their BIG dreams can look like…


100 scribbles…hurriedly writing the here and now.









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  1. Rene Ingram Avatar
    Rene Ingram

    Wow! Beautiful! I am one of Dave’s mastermind students, which is how I ended up on your page. However, I thoroughly enjoyed your post and I too felt the same excitement and drive during our last meeting in Montreal. Thank you for the reminder as it has only been a week, yet getting back into the mix of family life causes me to fog that passion and drive of ‘Getting $hit Done’ NOW. I pray for your families success in all endeavors of life, Take care. 🙂


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