Sometimes I like to make up new words.  Autocorrect and I have a love-hate relationship like the time it kept changing “thanks” to “camel toe.” Long story.

Anyway, my new favourite made-up word is “sunrising.”

You might be thinking, “Here she goes again with the bloody sunrises.  We get it.  They’re great. Move on.”

Well too bad.  I will keep referencing sunrises and the act of sunrising simply because sunrises often spark these scribbles.

Today’s sunrise:

june 4 sunrise

As I sunrised today, the sun took centre stage as per usual.  It glows a neon red just as it comes into view in the horizon.  It literally is the star of the show.

But for the last few days, I have been noticing the rest. I took stock of the sky. It was a clear sky with a single wisp of cloud, a chalk-stained stroke made by an invisible hand.  The waves were particularly restless and feisty.  Here’s a short video of what I saw today:

sunrise_june 4 2015

I also noticed the change in the air.  It was still cool but less biting.  A warm breeze was definitely swirling around there touching my skin intermittently.  And I could smell summer as if she was wafting her scent my way, perhaps the same invisible hand that scribbled in the sky.

Today I turned my attention away from the leading lady and celebrated the supporting cast.

Mid-rise, I physically turned my body away from the sun and faced the opposite sky.  I focused on the illuminating glow from the sun shining from across the way.  I focused on the deep blue water and the sound of the waves, trying to match my breath to the crescendo of the crashes.

Sometimes we forget about the importance of supporting actors.  When I happen to catch the Oscars, I think the supporting actor speeches are the ones that display the most honest emotion.  They always seem genuinely surprised at winning and exude pure gratitude for just being there.

Maybe it’s because they know they aren’t supposed to be in the limelight at that moment.  They are there to support, to make the star shine. Maybe they trust that their time will come.  The more they give, the more they will receive.

In our own lives, we are the main character.  The drama unfolds in front of us, because of us, in spite of us.  We are the heroes and the villains.  We are also part of the support system for others. Whether it feels like your sun is rising or setting right now, look around. Who is your supporting cast?  Who do you support? Who lifts you up when you feel like staying in the dark?  Who do you give a standing ovation to when they shine more brightly than you?  Who are your crashing waves that fight for you and that you can surrender into for awhile?

Today scribble down those people.  Thank them in your heart or even better, thank them via email, phone or in person.  And own and appreciate that supporting role when you see the opportunity to help.

Sometimes the most beautifully lit part of the sky is the one that is opposite the rising sun…

full moon_sunrise_june4

(That white dot is the waning full moon.)


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6 responses to “4.”

  1. Falon Avatar

    Yes. Just yes. To all of this.

    1. rozanne Avatar

      I wish I could dole out Oscars to all my peeps who constantly step up and support me and my family. (You’re one of them sister.) And who have signed up for this crazy support system of mine. And who play important roles in the “It’s Always All About Rozanne” motion picture even though I probably forced them or threatened them into it. I just hope I am returning the favour 😉

  2. Brooke Avatar

    I was up looking at the moon this morning too. And yes to the cast of characters.

    1. rozanne Avatar

      An Oscar for you too.

  3. Ever Patient Avatar

    That was a really good post today, babe.

    1. rozanne Avatar

      Thanks babe..and thank you for being my biggest cheerleader for the last 21 years. (You really rock pom poms and those tight cheerleading pants.)

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