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The poem above is for one of my children this year. Yesterday I mentioned that I will be choosing a poem (or an excerpt of a poem) for each of my children as a theme for the year.  This child will be going through different types of explorations this year. Part of her explorations will take her both deep inside herself and outside into world.  After travelling in both directions, she will no doubt return and “know the place for the first time.”

Crystals are earth’s refined minerals – they are made up of pure substances.  Growing even on rocks, they are organized structures that can “grow” under ideal conditions.  Growing inside of rocks, these crystals can flourish in this empty space.  You cannot tell from the outside the change that is happening on the inside of the geode.

Depending on the circumstances and pressures exerted on this group of atoms, crystals can form a variety of geometric patterns and seem perfectly ordered in form.  Different kinds of stress which act upon rocks deep in the earth’s crust also influence their growth. Some crystals are colourless in their natural state.  Only when light interacts with the crystal do the colours shine forth.

As she travels down her own path this year, explore the world without and within, may I not forget to shine the light on her to discover her true colours.  May I not forget to create conditions upon which she can grow outwards slowly outside of me.  May we both never cease to explore knowing that even in the unknown, even in the stress, we are constantly transformed.


100 scribbles…hurriedly writing the here and now.










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