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A final meditation as I am finishing up my homeschooling planning here in Ohio.

This is my last child: the polar bear cub.  Although he has developed a strong relationship with his father, he is still very much attached to me.  Sometimes I am so preoccupied with my older daughters and all of the transitions in those relationships that I forget that he still needs his mama bear.  He is still so little.

I want to honour this last year before Grade 1.  I will remember to let him wonder and pretend and play without rushing this phase to catch up with his sisters.  Early childhood is so short.  He needs this time to live in a dream world. I will remember that he still needs my impromptu stories about animals in the forest or the dragons in faraway kingdoms.

My son is the only one that still needs to be pushed on the swing.  He can’t keep the momentum going on his own.  I want to remember that this is a beautiful time for both of us. I want to celebrate these last parenting moments.  I don’t want this to be glossed over as I jump too far ahead with my other children.

He needs me to protect him still, to hold on tight, and to always be there for the next little push.


Thank you for coming along for the ride over the last little while as I meditated on this whole homeschooling planning process.  This has been my “right here and right now.” I have learned that it is much more important and necessary to spend most of my planning time getting to know myself, my children, and my family again through prayer and meditation.  I am neither overwhelmed nor confused as I begin to choose what to include in our school year.  I can pick things that reflect these intentions and provide a richer and deeper experience.

I hope to share my plans in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned…


100 scribbles…hurriedly writing the here and now.








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