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This is a rendering of the constellation Ophiuchus.

Ophiuchus was recorded in the 2nd century by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy, and the name is Latin for “serpent bearer.”  The snake is often associated with doctors.  Ophiuchus is often associated with healing images. In Greek myth, Ophiuchus represents Asclepius, Apollo’s son.  According to the myth, Asclepius was the god of medicine who learned the secret to raising the dead.  Hades asked Zeus to kill Asclepius with a lightning bolt because he didn’t want everyone to be immortal, but later Zeus honoured his good deeds by giving him a spot in the heavens.

In this constellation, there is a unique star called a recurrent nova.  These objects remain dim for long periods of time and then suddenly brighten.

I have always been fascinated with how ancient civilizations “connected the dots” so to speak and used mythological stories and images to map the night sky.  In the above grouping, Ophiuchus is holding on to two snakes, one in his left and one in his right.  They used their imagination to give meaning, to remember, and to understand.  By making these connections through imagination, anything was possible; time could now be tracked and great distances could be navigated as long as you could look up and see the stars in the sky.


In recent months, I have made my own connections that have led me here on this 100 Day Project.

Now I am ready to announce one of my exciting new projects:  

A Book of Hours Workshop.

I am partnering with Paper Plus Cloth who will supply all of the kits that each participant will receive for the workshop.

I believe that we are all recurrent novas – dim for awhile only to brighten our light when we remember the essentials and who we truly are.  Sometimes we need to connect to other points of light to help us along the way.  And sometimes when we connect to the whole, we heal ourselves and each other.

Let’s go back to basics, the fundamentals of living.  I want to bring back the wisdom of the ages to help break open and break free your own voice; a voice that is part of that wisdom.  Maybe it hasn’t been heard.  Maybe you haven’t found it.  But I know that it’s there and I want to share my practice and my insights that I have learned through my own explorations.

To be honest, I have been waiting until the very last moments of today to type this scribble because part of me is afraid of putting myself out there yet again.  I am nervous about teaching again. The inner critic is at it again:  What if no one shows up?  What if no one likes it?  What if no one cares about what you have to say?  

If I didn’t feel with every fibre of my being how important it is to share what I have discovered and learned about myself through creating this Book of Hours and knowing that I must teach this class, I wouldn’t do it.  But this has kept me up at night.  And so here I am.

The Details:

What: Intro to the Book of Hours

When: September 23, 2015 from 7:00-9:00pm

Where: Pegasus Studios – 361 Glebeholme Blvd, Toronto, ON

Cost: $80


What’s included:

-an exclusive kit from Paper Plus Cloth including a journal and other goodies to jump start your creative juices

-a collection of my favourite quotes, poems, passages, and prayers to inspire you plus a list of my favourite websites where you can find ones that speak to you

-a step by step guide to create your own process for each entry plus a detailed description of my process

-sample pages in colour from my own Book of Hours

-questions and prompts for self-reflection and inquiry

-a guided lesson on your first entry in your Book of Hours

-an opportunity to take the Book of Hours follow-up workshops for $25

-and more!

If you are interested or need more information or would like to reserve a spot, please email me:


(There are only 12 spots available.)


Ok.  There it is. Exhale. I did it.  I put it out there.

Whether or not your sign up, I just want to sincerely thank you for all your support that I have felt through this amazing experience. 20 scribbles to go…


100 scribbles…hurriedly writing the here and now.









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4 responses to “80.”

  1. Amy Avatar

    I would love to attend your workshop, I was so moved and inspired by what you shared at Taproot last weekend. I just may venture out to see you. I’m also interested in getting a group together and having you come to us. Let’s talk soon :).

    1. rozanne Avatar

      Yes Amy! Please email me and we can figure it out!

  2. Rowena Avatar

    So excited to take part in this class and honored to make even a small contribution as the supplies for the kit.

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