Day 93_Book of Hours FULL

The image on the postcard says it all.

This is a huge lesson I have learned through this 100 day project.

Love unlocks life’s secrets and mysteries.  When you love, you connect.  When you love, you share.  When you love, you understand. When you love, you forgive.  When you love, you let go.  When you love, your purpose becomes clear.

This has felt like 100 days of awakening.  Every time I showed up for this scribble with love and openness.  I showed up in all aspects of life with the same love and openness.

I love my home again.  Through the process of tidying, I have been able to connect with every single item I own and hold it.  The things that don’t serve me anymore, I pass on with gratitude, trusting that it will serve someone who needs them and that it will come back to me when I need them.  I cherish the things that bring me joy right now and serve who I am right now and they have found a special place in my home.

I haven’t been obsessed with getting to the destination – a tidy and decluttered home – so that it would make me happy.  I have been happy every step of the way: celebrating my life and the phases I have experienced through deciding whether to keep or discard each object.

I have accepted that my family is in another stage of growth and there are things that no longer fit who we are and its time to let go.  This process has helped me see my children for who they are at this moment as I watch them discard what they have outgrown or what no longer serves them. Loving my home allowed me to know my family in a deeper way.  It made me pay attention to who we are right now as a loving unit and as individuals – all of us growing into our own skin over and over again.  Through this slow process of tidying, we all have become a little more peaceful and loving to each other because we have been able to interact with the person standing in front of us and not the person who we once were or the person we ought to be.

It’s like we have a brand new house again.  We still have two bins full of papers, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and a big box of photos to go through.  But then that’s it.  It’s been two months of loving and letting go and re-discovering who I am as I have dealt with my physical messes through this “magic of tidying” journey and my emotional ones here on the blog and through my Book of Hours.

I have learned to love THIS moment, THIS child, THIS husband, THIS home, THIS self – right here and right now – and to not want, yearn, or aim to be anywhere else or become anyone else because it is here that you uncover the secrets of living a life filled with joy.


100 scribbles…hurriedly writing the here and now.



A big thank you Paper Plus Cloth for this pack of “LOVE” postcards…they have been perfect for this 100 day project.







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  1. Rowena Avatar

    So sad the 100 scribbles are coming to an end! What an amazing fruit your experiment has yielded.

    1. rozanne Avatar

      Thank you! And I am so glad you have come along with me for the ride 🙂

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