a belated birthday post.

We’ve been here, there, and everywhere and I forgot to publish this post on #4’s birthday. A big oops.  I hope one day she will forgive me and until then, I will sleep with one eye open…

This one turned 7 years old a few weeks ago…

photo 3-21


photo 1-22

My fourth child turned 7.

I don’t remember the “6/7 year change” affecting my other children as much as it has affected this one.

This one.

photo 2-28

This one constantly challenges herself physically and mentally, always pushing herself further.  She learned to bike on two wheels earlier than any of the other children and wanted to bike long distances despite her inexperience.  This is our third year biking to the island with her and even without a bike with gears, she manages to maintain a fast pace with her older sisters:

photo 4-17

This one also taught herself to do handstands this summer and practices every time we go to a beach:

photo 1-23

photo 2-29

photo 3-22

This one recently figured out a way to scale doorways to reach the chin up bar so she can practice chin-ups, leg raises, and climbing on top of the bar to hang upside down.  I can’t watch anymore.

This one started rock climbing this year.

This one jumped off the roof of a boathouse into a cold lake without even thinking about it.

This one climbs and scales every thing we pass by.

This one needs plenty of one-on-one time.

This one needs help transitioning into morning from dreamland.

This one surprises me with small acts of kindness and generosity that almost go unnoticed.

This one has a strong and powerful voice.

This one doesn’t like to be told what to do. Ever.

This one looks for me first and daddy second.

This one sometimes feels she has the short end of the stick – not the youngest, but the youngest of 4 sisters.

This one loves to be helpful and to give.

This one’s body doesn’t get as hurt as her heart does.

This one still loves to pinch my arm before bed.


Dear #4,

You amaze us with your physical feats and always pushing the envelope.  I wish I had an ounce of your courage and even a fraction of your tenacity.  Thank you for inspiring us to get out of our comfort zone.  You are a fierce protector of your younger brother and a worthy adversary and mighty friend to your sisters.  We have your back and I’m glad to know that you will always have all of ours.

Love you,

Mama (& Dada)









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