an eleventh birthday.

My motherhood series here will continue tomorrow as my motherhood life continues at home with a special birthday.  #2 is 11. I don’t know how that happened.

Today I watch her run into the woods but I still remember the child that clung to my leg wherever we went. My own personal barnacle.

Today I watch her express her opinion to me with a fiery determination but I still remember her not wanting to even use her voice to ask for something.

Today I watch as she goes up to the cashier to pay for something with courtesy and a smile but I still remember that little girl who never made eye contact with anyone but her parents and her siblings.

Today I watch her play with her friends but I remember a time when it wasn’t easy for her to make them.

Today I watch her walk in muddy paths and swat mosquitoes with a smile but I remember a little girl who couldn’t walk barefoot in the sand.

Today I see a young lady know who she is and define her comfort zones without a second thought but I remember a little girl who was afraid to be exactly who she was born to be.

Today I listen to her sing in the car because this little girl finally found her voice and it’s more powerful than she expected it could ever be.

Dear #2,

We are so proud of the strong and sure young girl you have become.

We love you and we hope you:



Love : Mama and Dada








2 responses to “an eleventh birthday.”

  1. Jane Avatar

    Happy birthing day!
    I love the waffle cake!

    1. rozanne Avatar

      Thanks Jane! And boy do I remember that birth!

      And that tower of waffles was her birthday request today and that she spend time with family and friends, buy a bathing suit and flip flops, and get linen flax yarn for weaving. Very unique (yet easy) wishes to grant!

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