an update + another new project.

november 2015

My last post was on surrender.  Boy, did I surrender last week.  There was a lot of “YES” without any regret or feeling stretched.  It was amazing.  It really could have been a pretty stressful week but I surrendered to each unfolding moment and opened up to whatever was in front of me.  It turned out that blogging just wasn’t in the cards last week.

It became clear that I needed a little break from blogging.  After blogging every day for almost 6 months, I needed to step back.  I knew it was a necessary pause because I started to hear that voice again.  My inner critic.  It started to make me scrutinize my Book of Hours entries that I was posting so I couldn’t just show up to the page and let it flow.  I became overwhelmed with the whole creating/writing/posting process as I prepped for a busy week at home.  I knew I needed time to reflect, to move slow with my own process, and focus on what needed to be accomplished for the week.

It was one of my busier weeks last week with fun lessons, a play by their homeschool group, costume-making, party planning, haunted house organizing, and a Halloween/birthday party for my son and my brother.  I even managed to go out every night last week catching up with friends – some I hadn’t seen in a long time – and I attended a meeting for this non-proft org that I hope to spend more time with as a volunteer (you know, in my spare time).

I also took a break from writing/creating and spent more time reading, training, and planning.  I restructured my morning and evening routines to allow for my current need for more meditation and spiritual readings.  November is a perfect time to prepare to go inward.  This is a month where there are no birthdays in our household and besides the Feast of St. Martin on November 11, there are no other celebrations.

But I am ready to write again.  I am so ready that I have signed up for Nanowrimo 2015.  I am setting a goal to write a novel in one month.  I was inspired by this post from my friend’s sister Lia.  I have started writing out all the short stories I tell the kids.  This is a complete act of surrender seeing as I don’t really know what the finished product will look like.  Will it be just a collection of short stories?  Or will there be a way to integrate them into one?  Or is there a completely different direction that this writing will take me?  I have 984 words done. I am hoping to squeeze out 2000 today. I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday as we all had to recover from the debauchery of Halloween.

Tomorrow I hope to write more about some of my acts of daily surrender.  It will be a new periodic theme as my husband and I undertake this surrender experiment this month.  And as for my Book of Hours, I will post periodically but I want to get more personal with it in my book so I won’t be posting them all anymore.

Peace out.

Happy November!







2 responses to “an update + another new project.”

  1. Lia Avatar

    Happy NaNoWriMo! I am so excited to be in a community of so many people doing this challenge. Last year I did it in private, so this is a whole new experience for me. Congratulations on getting so many words out right at the start!! That blank page/screen is the hardest hurdle for me to pass through.

    1. rozanne Avatar

      Thanks Lia!!! I have slowed down over the last couple days after being really keen! Hoping to get back into this week !

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