be still.


“Activity conquers cold, but stillness conquers heat.” – Lao Tzu


My mind wakes up first.  The ticker tape of to-dos float across it.  Activity conquers cold.

My heart wakes up second.  It races.  I inhale.  I exhale.  Stillness conquers heat.

My body wakes up third.  I move quickly.  I put on my training clothes.  I make coffee.   Activity conquers cold.

I train.  I sweat.  I rest.  Stillness conquers heat.

I prepare.  I cook. I plan.  Activity conquers cold.

I think.  I act.  I speak.   Activity conquers cold.  

My body stays warm.  My mind is on fire. Stillness conquers heat.


The tension between stillness and activity is a struggle when the temperature drops.  How do I still my mind and not my body?  How do I find warmth without overheating?  Can I still myself without getting swallowed by the depths of the winter blues?



“I said to my soul, be still and wait without hope, for hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love, for love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith, but the faith and the love are all in the waiting. Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought: So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.”

-T.S. Eliot



And the stillness the dancing.  Stillness conquers the cold.


Trying to survive the February blues by getting my write on with writealm:








4 responses to “be still.”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    Oh, I love your “Be Still” post! I’m also finding that balance between activity and stillness, in the throes of mid-winter. I enjoyed reading- I’m doing the February Prompts also. Thanks for sharing!

    1. rozanne Avatar

      Thank you! It is ALWAYS a balancing act, no? And it’s always an extra challenge when the elements are affecting one side or the other.

  2. amanda Avatar

    Love that Eliot quote!

    1. rozanne Avatar

      I know 🙂 Stillness as a less passive activity. Who would have thought?

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