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I’ve had trouble describing this workshop to people.  In fact, people who have participated in it have had trouble describing it to people. I wrote a FAQs page and my friend Angela’s husband, Peter, was able to articulate my experience and the experience I want to share with others.  It’s funny how I needed someone else to take a step back to describe it so accurately:

Rozanne Dioso-Lopez is the creator and facilitator of the Book of Hours Workshop—A Perspective Shifting Experience in Authentic Self-Care.  The Book of Hours Workshop is for you if you want to re-learn how to trust yourself again, trust your intuition and courageously listen to your heart so that it can lead you to a joy-filled life.  The Book of Hours Workshop is successful at creating the platform to re-write your life story by bringing forth who you are today—remembering Carl Jung’s words: “I am not what happened to me, I am who I choose to become.” In the group environment, Rozanne seamlessly and powerfully integrates the wisdom of the participants, her own strengths and narrative therapy that deepens participants’ humanity.  Rozanne leads through vulnerability and openness guiding participants on a dignifying and inspiring journey that she, herself, takes everyday.


For a more personal account of the workshop, please visit this blog post.  For a definition of this project and how it came to be, read this blog post.  For some of my favourite Book of Hours pages, click on the following links:

53. , 61. , 72.  , 73. ,  81.  , 84.  , 86. , 93.

project gratitude: day 12. 

project gratitude: day 16. 

project gratitude: day 24. 

Book of Hours Workshop set up

Details for the next INTRO BOOK OF HOURS WORKSHOP:


What’s included:

-an exclusive kit from Paper Plus Cloth including a journal and other goodies to jump start your creative juices

paper plus cloth kits

(photo courtesy of paperpluscloth)

-a collection of my favourite quotes, poems, passages, and prayers to inspire you plus a list of my favourite websites where you can find ones that speak to you

-a step by step guide to create your own process for each entry plus a detailed description of my process

-sample pages in colour from my own Book of Hours

-questions and prompts for self-reflection and inquiry

-a guided lesson on your first entry in your Book of Hours

-membership in a private Facebook group where all participants have access to support in the practice, quotes, and entries from other group members and myself


If you are interested or need more information or would like to reserve a spot, please email me:

Please drop me a line if you have any questions!

If you cannot make these dates and can get a group of at least 4 people together, I can come to you and deliver the course if you have a space for me to teach.