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  • an end to love notes and a new beginning.

    I tried. I really did. I tried to write 100 love notes here to the simple things that I noticed in the ordinariness of life. And then we moved to Costa Rica and started to build a home in the jungle.  Almost two years have passed since I started this letter writing project and have failed […]

  • love note no. 23: dear colours.

    Dear Colours, After the last couple of days, I have come to the conclusion that we take you all for granted.  In fact, I am quite sure that this love letter will seem silly and even trivial to some who read it. But you have a depth that intrigues me. In a sense, one could speak […]

  • love note no. 22: dear second born.

    Dear Second Born, You turned fourteen yesterday.  I read this birthday post and birthday post and and marvel at the young woman I see today. You are beginning another seven year cycle of life. 14-21 years of age marks a time when thinking blossoms.  You are leaving the stage of learning through only feeling and are ready to meet the world […]

  • love note no. 21: dear spring.

    Dear Spring, Last week, to begin our “Time” unit, my son and I talked about the seasons.  I copied a poem on our little whiteboard that described a season. #5 closed his eyes and I read the poem aloud to him.  I asked him what he saw and to guess the season.  He then painted […]

  • love note no. 20: dear homeschooling.

    Dear Homeschooling, This is one of many letters that I will write to you because you appear in my daily gratitude list over and over again. Because of you I was able to hear myself say these words over the weekend: “Put your schoolwork away.  We have to go to the beach! You have all weekend […]

  • love note no.19: dear blog.

    It has been awhile since I have written.  I have had mix feelings about blogging.  It was a different place in the blogworld back when I started in 2009.  My original intention was to share my story and give me a chance to try writing.  This is still my intention. Please forgive my grammatical errors […]

  • love note no.18: dear 2016.

    Dear 2016, With an hour left of you, we landed in Costa Rica.  December pretty much summed up our entire year.  We were in a frenzy – emptying out our storage of our last bit of belongings, adjusting to life without a permanent home in Toronto, spending quality time with the people we love, and […]

  • love note no.17: dear christmas quilt.

    Dear Christmas Quilt, A couple days before Christmas, I finally found you in a box I had packed away.  I looked for you for weeks and couldn’t find you. I thought I had given you away, or worse, thrown you out by accident. Years ago, I made you for the couch – a holiday quilt […]

  • love note no.16: dear caterpillar.

    We have began a new chapter in our family adventures here in Costa Rica.  And we have been busy maintaining connection with our daughter who has been living abroad. It is unfamiliar emotional and logistical territory – piecing out my heart while navigating time zones. I haven’t written any love letters here in over 6 weeks.  Every time I started […]

  • love note no.15: dear Facebook, Instagram, and the Internet in general.

    Dear Facebook, Instagram, and the Internet in general, We’ve been on a break for the last couple weeks.  I do this periodically to keep a healthy relationship with you because I have known to be a little dependent. I hate to admit it but sometimes I have needed you for validation – how many likes […]