Category: 42 days of gratitude

  • reflections on gratitude + a new project.

    For 42 days, I went on a journey into gratitude. I wrote: I want to share stories of how I can be grateful for it all.  I want to share my daily struggles and how I approach them as valuable spiritual assignments that help me learn more about myself than the wholly peaceful encounters.  I […]

  • project gratitude: day forty-two.

    I am grateful for loving my children all so differently but with the same magnitude. Today is #5’s birthday.  My last child is now six years old. With my eldest daughter, I still navigate unchartered waters which makes me feel like such an inexperienced newbie mama sometimes.  I see her growing into a young adult […]

  • project gratitude: day forty-one.

    I am grateful for continuing to have faith and to surrender. For the last two nights, I have surrendered to the unknown.  I have faced fears and have walked into situations that leave me breathless. Yesterday I went rock climbing.  My kids climb. I belay them.  I don’t climb.  I am afraid of heights.  Thanks […]

  • project gratitude: day forty.

    I am grateful for rhythm. (And Rumi.  I can’t get enough of Rumi especially now that we are in the middle of learning about Ancient Persia…) We have settled into a pretty sweet homeschooling rhythm this fall.  I hesitate to call it a homeschooling rhythm because it it is so much more than that.  It […]

  • project gratitude: day thirty-nine.

    I am grateful for doing something that I tend to be not so good at: Going with the flow. Today we had planned a trip to the farm with a few other homeschooling families.  We have visited this farm every year for the last 2-3 years and it has become a tradition.  The kids love […]

  • project gratitude: day thirty-eight.

    I am grateful for sharing my birth stories and tales of early motherhood.  I am grateful for being honest and open today. Sometimes I forget that I can make it look easy.  Things are running a little smoother in our house these days but that wasn’t always the case.  As I speak to more moms […]

  • project gratitude: day thirty-seven.

    I am grateful for days when I am unsure, when life can’t be solved with a tidy algebraic equation. Tonight I was at a birthday party where there were lots of littles squealing and running around.  My children were now the “big kids.”  I watched my cousins take care of their little ones – feeding them, […]

  • project gratitude: day thirty-six.

    I am grateful for discovering one of the secrets to keeping sane while being a mama to many children. The secret? Silence. I am not referring to random moments of quiet that I find sprinkled through the day.  I am talking about intentional stillness, a commitment that I make to myself every single day. My days […]

  • project gratitude: day thirty-five.

    I am grateful that I can vote. My children participated in the student vote today.  We talked about the candidates and the process of how it works in Canada. The discussion around our dinner table isn’t only about who to vote for but the fact that we CAN vote.  My eldest daughter is 17 and is […]

  • project gratitude: day thirty-four.

    I am grateful for losing my voice from hooting and hollering, hanging out our van, as we cruised downtown. Tonight I felt like a kid again – high fiving people, sharing joy, and cheering on the Blue Jays.  I grew up listening to baseball on the radio and watching baseball at family parties.  My fondest […]