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  • love note no.17: dear christmas quilt.

    Dear Christmas Quilt, A couple days before Christmas, I finally found you in a box I had packed away.  I looked for you for weeks and couldn’t find you. I thought I had given you away, or worse, thrown you out by accident. Years ago, I made you for the couch – a holiday quilt […]

  • december 25.

    My Book of Hours advent calendar prompts officially ended yesterday but here is a bonus one: Write a ONE WORD intention/theme for the upcoming year. Today is Christmas and there is this partially obscured full moon surrounded by a purply pink haze.  This week I am reflecting on this past year and some possibilities for […]

  • december 24.

    Today’s prompt: Right now I am at my in-laws house.  It’s just us and my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, and my brother-in-law.  I am going to take a moment to take a deep breath before the rest of the guests come.  And then I am going to take a moment before we leave at 8:30pm to […]

  • december 23.

    Today’s prompt: List the traditions that you LOVE. This Christmas I have had to give up a few traditions that no longer fit our family.  Traditions that have lost those initial feelings of comfort, security, rhythm, and connection.  I have finally let go of traditions that worked for a family with littles but too difficult to […]

  • december 22.

    Today’s prompt: What act of generosity can you do right now? *** This is what it says on the little sticker above in my Book of Hours entry: wonderful day Dazzling because of the sun. For awhile close eyes then open it because I’m dizzy for a moment. *** The act of generosity was from […]

  • december 21.

    Today’s prompt: Meditate.  Take 10 minutes to sit in stillness. Breathe. Let go of all holiday expectations. Things always become clearer when I stop and think. I reacted strongly to my children silly singing a Christmas song.  I felt offended and I didn’t quite know why.  My irritation was visceral. It felt like they were […]

  • december 20.

    Today’s prompt: I love Charles Dickens’ novel, A Christmas Carol. Ghosts of Christmas past, Christmas present, and Christmas yet to come. Scrooge learns his lesson about what is essential through his Christmas experiences in his life. My husband and I reminisce about Christmas past – our first Christmas as a family of 3 where we all wore […]

  • december 19.

    Today’s prompt: Write a message to your inner child to give them permission to do things like watch a holiday movie with hot cocoa or catch snowflakes on the tip of your tongue or belt out a favourite holiday song. (And then go do it.) *** The origin of the word “naive:” 1650s, “natural, simple, artless,” […]

  • december 18.

    Today’s prompt: My husband and I spent the last 6 hours Christmas shopping. We slipped in a dinner date during our mission. Needless to say, there were crowds – lots of jostling, shoulder bumping, impatience, and snippy comment.  But for the most part, I witnessed kindness and humour. A woman stood in line and let […]

  • december 17.

    Today’s prompt: I am one of the most frustrating people to buy gifts for according to my family. It’s true.  I have been difficult.  I used to be very particular in the past. Lately, they’ve told me that I’m more of a challenge now when I tell them that I really don’t need anything. I am learning […]