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  • 22.

    My eldest turns 22 years old today. I made her this card: I distinctly remember writing her this blog post when she turned 12. In the blog post, I write the following: I have seen her struggle – struggle with employing tact vs honesty, struggle with her need for independence vs her need to feel […]

  • love note no.9: dear fourth born.

    Dear fourth born, It was your ninth birthday on Saturday. Each year on your birthday, you always want to move.  You are a Leo summer baby. This birthday was a little rough because we had just moved out.  Your first birthday post-moving. We were camping so we all did what you wanted to do.  We […]

  • project gratitude: day forty-two.

    I am grateful for loving my children all so differently but with the same magnitude. Today is #5’s birthday.  My last child is now six years old. With my eldest daughter, I still navigate unchartered waters which makes me feel like such an inexperienced newbie mama sometimes.  I see her growing into a young adult […]

  • 62.

    This weekend we have been spending time with family.  A birthday celebration turned birthday weekend. Simple ingredients for every family event in the summer: pool, never-ending food, and laughter.  Getting together with my family has been an antidote, a temporary relief from the heart ache of missing my eldest. I have found solace, comfort, and […]

  • 60.

    A closer look at today’s quote: I have always been fascinated with the words, awful and awesome. The root word – “awe” – originally indicated terror and fear.  To feel so reverent toward something because it scares you. Awful used to mean “worthy of respect and fear.”  And now we use it to describe something that is […]

  • 53.

    Yesterday I posed some questions – Where do I want to place emphasis? Where do I want to turn my attention? How do I want to remember this one life and all its memories? There are two pieces of writing that I have referred to the most and for the longest time.  I wanted to add them […]

  • 5.

    Today is #3’s birthday. As of today, I will have three children in double digits. They will never be in the single digits again.  It’s a milestone for every child and for every mama. In roman numerals, the number 10 is an X. X.  An unknown. For me, coming up to the tenth year is always […]

  • #5 is 5… pass the tissue please.

    My fifth-born turned 5 years old on Wednesday. His October birthday is the last one on our calendar for our family of 7.  The girls’ birthdays are in succession: April, May, June, July.  It is even in birth order – completely unplanned.  His 5th birthday capped off a year of transition for my family.  I […]

  • a belated birthday post.

    We’ve been here, there, and everywhere and I forgot to publish this post on #4’s birthday. A big oops.  I hope one day she will forgive me and until then, I will sleep with one eye open… This one turned 7 years old a few weeks ago…   My fourth child turned 7. I don’t […]

  • a birth year.

    Warning: The post you are about to read is quite lengthy.  If you see the glass half empty, this post may make you want to puke or maybe make you spill your drink.  And it may seem like one long rambling journal entry – which it kind of is – with wonky paragraph formatting structure […]