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  • And then she turned 9.

    What?! My #3 is 9 years old.  9. My middle child is 9. #1 and #2 went through gradual changes and matured over a period of time and one day I noticed that they were young ladies and no longer little girls. But this one.  I have watched this one over the course of one […]

  • a week later: post-birthday thoughts.

    This past week has been filled with lessons, makings, training, frolicking in warmer weather, and of course, a birthday celebration: It was also filled with lots of trips down memory lane.  I keep a scrapbook for each of my children and spent the weekend flipping through #1’s book with family.  I came across this page […]

  • sweet…

      Happy Birthday to my eldest child.  Whoa Nelly. 16. Yup. Uh-huh. (Um, Yeah. Stay tuned for a separate post of how I’m dealing. A LONG separate post. )

  • a happy (belated) birthday.

    This is a belated birthday post for my best friend. But first let me explain a couple of things. I love reading past posts which is why I am still working hard trying to retrieve and re-post all of my stuff that was lost in cyberspace.  Our lives have changed so much since I began […]

  • four years old.

    My #5 turns 4 years old today.  Lordy.  How did that happen?  I re-read a few blog posts pre-5 children (that’s how I remember moments in my life – pre-1, pre-2, pre-3, pre-4, pre-5…).  #5 definitely threw me for a loop.  It took me awhile to wrap my head around having a fifth child and […]