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  • A Book of Hours Twist. And arts and crafts.

    I posted this little piece of a recent Book of Hours entry a few days ago. Here is the rest of it: Lately we have been drawing and painting as a family and I find quotes that match the words and images. We have had a couple of art afternoons when I lead the kids […]

  • accepting invitations.

    In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I left for a week to attend a women’s retreat.  After a week spent with my family and my dad, I said goodbye and got dropped off 10 minutes down the road to a private beach house where I would be spending 7 days with 8 other strangers. Days […]

  • a book of hours workshop update + travel plans.

    (Photo courtesy of PaperPlusCloth) These are the last of the kits I have before I take a two month hiatus from teaching my Book of Hours workshops. I have a private class scheduled in the west end and then I have a one last class booked that is open for registration! The details of my […]

  • upcoming events.

    A quick post on some events that I have coming up… Early Sunday afternoon, from 12-3pm, my folks (and some other homeschooling folks) are sharing a table at a Craft Sale for Syrian Refugees at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in Riverdale (135 First Avenue). The kids and parents have been furiously making things to sell.  The […]

  • project gratitude: day forty-one.

    I am grateful for continuing to have faith and to surrender. For the last two nights, I have surrendered to the unknown.  I have faced fears and have walked into situations that leave me breathless. Yesterday I went rock climbing.  My kids climb. I belay them.  I don’t climb.  I am afraid of heights.  Thanks […]

  • Book of Hours Workshop…FAQs

    If you have been following along here for the past 6 months, you might not need to read this.  However, I have had more and more questions about this Book of Hours business.  I have had trouble explaining it.  You know when you are so close to something that you can describe the feeling of being […]