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  • Non-Negotiables. Part Three

    I wrote a blog post 7 years ago about an on-again/off-again affair. My nemesis but my savior at the same time. A continuing love/hate relationship that exists to this day. We are definitely on again. That’s the secret to my energizer-bunny Level of stamina. My blog post from 2013. I still feel the same way. […]

  • thoughts on my retreat experience. part one.

    On the first afternoon of the retreat, I found myself on the beach rubbing chocolate on my skin from head to toe and on the backs of women I had just met the night before. My back was scrubbed with chocolate by one of these women too.  And before we rinsed the chocolate off in […]

  • project gratitude: day twelve.

    I am grateful for waking up late today. My morning routine was completely thrown off today.  No sunrise.  No writing. A quick plan for the day jotted down as children wander into my room.  Independent work assigned in agendas for the morning. No time to collect myself.  All of the kids are up and it’s […]

  • project gratitude: day eleven.

    I am grateful for running hills. Yes, I really am. My cousin texted my husband and wondered if we would run hills with him twice a week.  We jumped at the chance to have a committed practice since we were down to once a week. Today we got up before the sun and went to […]

  • 84.

    I did not plan on surfing in the Pacific Ocean on this trip.  Or ever really. I am afraid of the ocean.  My earliest memory of the ocean is my mom telling me about riptide and scaring the crap out of me.  I wasn’t the strongest swimmer so I have had a fear of swimming […]

  • 70.

    I have a few more thoughts on our bike ride yesterday. With each long bike ride, I learn more about what is happening inside my children.  I learn how they approach challenges and how they see obstacles.  As I ride alongside each one of them during the more leisurely portions of the ride, I listen […]

  • 69.

    A simple scribble today in my Book of Hours. Today we attended a birthday party on an island in our city.  The ferry docks are about a 10-15 minute drive from our house. Yesterday I announced that we would be biking to the ferry docks which we have done on multiple occasions.  After my announcement, […]

  • 68.

    Today I did my first free standing headstand off the wall and I completed a handstand against a wall – first assisted at my yoga class and then a second one at home. (I couldn’t hold the handstand for that long without help so no pic could be taken fast enough.) Before today, my handstand […]

  • 42.

    Follow your bliss. Three words that really pack a punch.  It is the phrase that sparks challenges and debates on practicality and financial security. It implies that you follow something that may still be a mystery to you. What is my bliss? What makes me happy? For my Book of Hours, I copied the painting Patterned Hillside by […]

  • 37.

    There is hardly a day that goes by in my house when someone does not get frustrated because they can’t do something. It is always a physical or mental challenge or skill that one of us just can’t do.  (Right now anyway.) You often hear these words, “It takes practice. You’ll get there. Keep practicing.” […]