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  • mayBE 2015: thirty.

    Today my good friend Gwynyth Kier is guest posting today!  Along with my other friend Brooke, we started a little writing blog called Sense of Story.  She is a constant source of writing inspiration and feedback.  I am grateful for her support and encouragement and for being a guest today! *** Hello! I’m a mama to four […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-nine.

    Today I am spreading some love to my family.  Part of my childhood growing up was spent making up games, performing plays, and using my imagination with my cousins; cousins that contributed to my childhood that made it less lonely.  In some ways, they added to my vision of having a big family. To this […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-seven.

    Today my friend Lara Munro is guest posting. I met Lara for the first time almost 8 years ago on a Friday morning. She whisked two of my children away for a few hours.  She was a statuesque angel with her hair pulled back into a loose bun who greeted my #2 and my #3 […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-six.

    Introducing Nikki Satira.  She is another amazing young person that has been involved in getting my children excited about the outdoors. I have been lucky enough to also hear her sing in a couple of song circles.  Listen here to her beautiful voice.  Her passion for plants and all things wild is the type of passion […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-three.

    Today my lovely friend, Falon Webb, is guest posting.  We first met on a beach.  Little did I know how a big part of our friendship would be centred around that place – where land meets water, where the edges of the defined blur with the edges of the unexpected.  We shared a beach in […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-one.

    Today Brooke Scott is guest posting. Brooke lives in the country near Toronto with her family and blogs regularly at violicious.  I have known Brooke for almost 5 years. Our friendship began as we bonded over pneumonia was stories.  She has been an integral part in finding my writing voice and a source of  constant […]

  • mayBE 2015: nineteen.

    Today I have a guest post from Kailey Chislett-Mohammed, a young entrepreneur who is a mentor to my children. I met Kailey a few years ago when she was a volunteer at my children’s outdoor program.  Recently she has been taking a group of families through one of our area’s largest parks to wander about and explore the habitat.  In […]

  • mayBE 2015: sixteen.

    I have a guest post today from Princess Perez-Villapando!  I have known Princess just over 30 years.  Although we had lost touch for a few decades, I am happy that we have been able to reconnect online and collaborate on projects over at Sense of Story.  You can find them here and here.  Her ability to […]

  • mayBE 2015: fourteen.

    Today my good friend Marisa is guest posting!  I have known Marisa for over 20 years and she is also a part of the “I married my high school sweetheart” club. ( She actually is a member of “I married my grade school sweetheart club”). She has been a constant source of creative inspiration.  I […]

  • mayBE 2015: twelve.

    Today I am featuring Rowena, an inspiring entrepreneur, who runs the etsy shop Paper + Cloth.  Technically we have known each other for a very long time, maintaining a casual acquaintance as we travel the periphery of shared family and friends.  Lately our paths have crossed more online, a feeling of kindred spirits and mutual admiration for […]