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  • love note no.10: dear library.

    Dear library, We miss you.  We miss our Tuesdays hanging out all morning at the library. You don’t understand our love for you.  It borders on unhealthy obsession for some of us.  Some of us have lamented that you aren’t open on Friday nights so we can go out and party it up with you, […]

  • love note no.9: dear fourth born.

    Dear fourth born, It was your ninth birthday on Saturday. Each year on your birthday, you always want to move.  You are a Leo summer baby. This birthday was a little rough because we had just moved out.  Your first birthday post-moving. We were camping so we all did what you wanted to do.  We […]

  • love note no. 6: dear community…part 3.

    I know, I know. I am a day late but for more than 24 hours, with a small sleep break, I have been occupied with moving.  Packing, cleaning, donating, moving, negotiating, compromising, and having our last supper of shawarma in our beloved house. But of course, we didn’t and couldn’t do this final move by […]

  • love note no. 4: dear community…part one.

    For the next few days until we leave our house for the last time, my love notes are dedicated to our neighbourhood and community we have built for the last ten years.  They are love letters to places and people that have helped raise our children and who have supported our family in different ways. […]

  • a lesson in permission.

    My sweet child turned 18 a few weeks ago.  EIGHTEEN. Whoa. This post is about what she has taught me about boundaries and permission.  (I know that every child is different but I want to share what I have learned about parenting this teen.) Back in December, my oldest daughter came home from her art gallery […]

  • living the arts.

    In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that there is one message that I wanted the kids to learn as we celebrate the arts for the next three months. The above quote pretty much says it all. We are not the same.  We are diverse.  We have labels.  We have very different stories. But through artistic expression, […]

  • i *heart* homeschooling.

    We have hit the middle part of our school year, what I like to call “the heart.” I wrote about my plans for this term here. Here is my intention for these next three months: the arts, math, poetry, creating writing, and story with a focus on Classical Greece and the Renaissance. Why? Because it is this […]

  • my word for 2016:

    “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that receives it.” ― Edith Wharton While planning our homeschool year, and changing the direction of my homeschooling by putting the “home” and “family” back into it, I came up with a theme. (I wrote about it all here.)  Throughout the first […]

  • on adolescence. part five.

    My fourth post on adolescence was a little abrupt and I didn’t want to end the series without any concrete strategies and a post coloured with a tinge of fear. For the last few days, I have had to process recent events that tested my theories on letting go, trusting that they are all on […]

  • on adolescence: part four.

    Last night I went to the opening gala to a conference I attended today and tomorrow. D’bi Young Anitafrika delivered a powerful poem, one of many moving performances from various artists, to kick off the event. There were two lines in the poem that summed up what I wanted to share in this post.  Two lines that pretty […]