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  • A paradox and my “word” for 2020. (And no, thank goodness, it’s not “paradox”.)

    I agonized over my 2020 word, my intention for another year and potentially the decade. It’s April already and I am so grateful for the word I eventually chose. As I contemplated my word for 2020, I thought about different things. I was opening a little independent learning centre and I was a little nervous. […]

  • Re-post. A Love Note to Homeschooling.

    I wrote the love letter at a time when everything in our life was up in the air. The only constant was our rhythm of learning. We had moved to Costa Rica and were in the middle of building our house and living in our fifth rental where all four kids were sharing a tiny […]

  • Mama Mondays: Accepting An Unfinished Life.

    “I’m not finished yet.” My 9 year old pleads with me for more time to finish a drawing but we have to go.  We have one car and we have to drop off his big sis early at her job and then head to trapeze class for the rest of them.] I give him a […]

  • Knee deep.

    It’s been a wet season and our house is surrounded by mud.  The sticky kind.  The kind that ruins white tees, breaks flip flops and busts knees. Speaking of knees. Chris left for eight days to Toronto right after we returned from California. We came home and he turned around and left to be with […]

  • Before and after.

    Once upon a time there was a family of 7 that lived in a tiny house in a big city.  After 10 years of living in their tiny house in a big city, they decided to build a house in the jungle in a place that they didn’t know much about. They did not know […]

  • Are we there yet? Part two.

    One of the things I missed most about our old house was our chalkboard wall.  One day, I took a workshop from my friend Ancel and she used chalk to write on her wooden walls to explain a lesson and I realized that I actually had everything I needed already – chalk and a wall. […]

  • Are we there yet? Part one.

    The kids have long since learned to never ask this question en route to any destination. When they were little, they would ask this every 5 minutes and I would say, “Half an hour more!” And then they would be happy for the next five minutes because little ones actually have no concept of time.  […]