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  • wintering.

    For those of you living in places where you see your breath when you exhale, and you don’t exalt in the joys of sub-zero weather by strapping on three layers of woolies to frolic in the snow-covered woodlands, then I apologize in advance for sounding obnoxious. I am freezing this morning. It is 20 degrees […]

  • Think outside the box. (Or use the box to do it.)

    I posted this Twyla Tharp quote as a journalling prompt for my teens the other day: “Before you can think out of the box, you have to start with a box.” Sometimes you have to learn the rules or experiment within a safe container, before breaking them and venturing outside and taking a leap. Creativity isn’t […]

  • A link to a favourite post..

    One of my favourite posts. Let’s not forget to hand write. Especially now. Here, I talk about finding letters and other handwritten correspondence from my grandparents who I have been thinking about lately. My great aunt just passed away. I saw her every day for a large span of my childhood. More on the importance […]

  • A Geometrical Family Activity.

    Make a mandala. Make it on paper. Make it in the garden with things found in nature. For more details, you can read my old blog post. The Ancient India block, where we create mandalas, is one of my favourite blocks. As they draw a the mandalas, I tell the story of Brahma, Vishnu, and […]

  • When we’re sick…a re-post.

    We read and write poetry. Of course we do. You probably think I’m a crazy lady.  My kids looked at me incredulously when I told them we would be doing poetry whenever someone got sick. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Poetry? Are you kidding? I can barely keep up with the care-giving and the cleaning […]

  • Daily Habits.

    “The patterns of our lives reveal us. Our habits measure us.” – Mary Oliver This morning my second born made me this yummy smoothie bowl for breakfast as I was furiously typing away, prepping for lessons: She even served it in my bowl. She’s a pro. My eldest bought me this to-go bowl (it comes […]

  • Re-post Sunday.

    As many of you know, we have no internet at home and Sunday is our home day. I pre-scheduled this post. Below is a link to a favourite post of mine from 2009 when I tore the ligaments in my ankle playing soccer and was couch-ridden for six weeks. Oh and at the time I […]

  • Rome, Star Wars, and a Family Activity.

    I am about to talk about the most unsexiest thing about homeschooling. But first, a story. This month the kids have been studying United States history (the teens), Ancient Rome (the middles schooler), and stories and myths related to local culture (the grade schooler) including the life of plants outside our door which can’t get […]

  • Are we there yet? Part two.

    One of the things I missed most about our old house was our chalkboard wall.  One day, I took a workshop from my friend Ancel and she used chalk to write on her wooden walls to explain a lesson and I realized that I actually had everything I needed already – chalk and a wall. […]

  • love note no. 23: dear colours.

    Dear Colours, After the last couple of days, I have come to the conclusion that we take you all for granted.  In fact, I am quite sure that this love letter will seem silly and even trivial to some who read it. But you have a depth that intrigues me. In a sense, one could speak […]