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  • F*ck The Brady Bunch…and John Mayer.

    As we were all gathered in the kitchen prepping dinner, I watched my kids do their chores and cook in harmonic bliss, all with the usual hip hop beats in the background. Today’s choice: The DJ Filthy Rich playlist of Tribe. They were laughing and chatting as usual. I remarked to them, in a rhetorical […]

  • Are we there yet? Part one.

    The kids have long since learned to never ask this question en route to any destination. When they were little, they would ask this every 5 minutes and I would say, “Half an hour more!” And then they would be happy for the next five minutes because little ones actually have no concept of time.  […]

  • love note no. 21: dear spring.

    Dear Spring, Last week, to begin our “Time” unit, my son and I talked about the seasons.  I copied a poem on our little whiteboard that described a season. #5 closed his eyes and I read the poem aloud to him.  I asked him what he saw and to guess the season.  He then painted […]

  • love note no.15: dear Facebook, Instagram, and the Internet in general.

    Dear Facebook, Instagram, and the Internet in general, We’ve been on a break for the last couple weeks.  I do this periodically to keep a healthy relationship with you because I have known to be a little dependent. I hate to admit it but sometimes I have needed you for validation – how many likes […]

  • how my dreams came true.

    Do you know what that moment feels like when you realize that all your dreams have come true? I had this moment this morning when I went downstairs and saw this: An empty house and my daughter studying for her first university exam. (In fact, she is writing it now as I write this post.) Before […]

  • full moon |full circle

    Part two of “thoughts on my retreat experience” will be coming up later this week.  For reasons I will explain later, I am participating in an exercise where I can’t talk about the past for the next three days.  This is a difficult exercise and I am sure I am going to reference the past […]

  • thoughts on my retreat experience. part one.

    On the first afternoon of the retreat, I found myself on the beach rubbing chocolate on my skin from head to toe and on the backs of women I had just met the night before. My back was scrubbed with chocolate by one of these women too.  And before we rinsed the chocolate off in […]

  • living the arts.

    In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that there is one message that I wanted the kids to learn as we celebrate the arts for the next three months. The above quote pretty much says it all. We are not the same.  We are diverse.  We have labels.  We have very different stories. But through artistic expression, […]

  • my word for 2016:

    “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that receives it.” ― Edith Wharton While planning our homeschool year, and changing the direction of my homeschooling by putting the “home” and “family” back into it, I came up with a theme. (I wrote about it all here.)  Throughout the first […]

  • happy new year.

    We stayed in today after a busy day and night yesterday.  This is the first moment I am on my computer.  I spent the day playing board games with my family.  We talked a bit about our year and how excited we are for what lay ahead for us. Last night, I did my very […]