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  • mayBE 2015: twenty-four.

    After a long flight across the Atlantic, I am a little sore and a little jet lagged.  But I am not complaining.  Barcelona is beautiful.  The little town of Sitges, our home for the next week, is beautiful.  Being with my family  – my mom, my stepfather, my brothers, and my 7 – is beautiful. […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-three.

    Today my lovely friend, Falon Webb, is guest posting.  We first met on a beach.  Little did I know how a big part of our friendship would be centred around that place – where land meets water, where the edges of the defined blur with the edges of the unexpected.  We shared a beach in […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-two.

    #5: “Mama, I made GLUE!” Me: “What? How?” My youngest is my only son and lately he has been conjuring up new ways to get into mischief that none of my girls have ever even dreamed of.  So I panicked a little as he ran in the room one day proud of this particular accomplishment. […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty-one.

    Today Brooke Scott is guest posting. Brooke lives in the country near Toronto with her family and blogs regularly at violicious.  I have known Brooke for almost 5 years. Our friendship began as we bonded over pneumonia was stories.  She has been an integral part in finding my writing voice and a source of  constant […]

  • mayBE 2015: twenty.

    We are almost 3 weeks into mayBE and I am slowly catching my breath.  I am a bit behind in posting my journal pages but I have been taking just 15 minutes here and there to do them.  Posting them is another story. We just had a long weekend here in Canada.  For me, it […]

  • mayBE 2015: nineteen.

    Today I have a guest post from Kailey Chislett-Mohammed, a young entrepreneur who is a mentor to my children. I met Kailey a few years ago when she was a volunteer at my children’s outdoor program.  Recently she has been taking a group of families through one of our area’s largest parks to wander about and explore the habitat.  In […]

  • mayBE 2015: eighteen.

    In our house, mandalas are drawn all the time.  They have similar meditative properties to the zentangle that Lynn introduced in mayBE: seven. The kids draw them in restaurants.  They draw them on planes.  We have made them out of natural objects on the beach. And you can even have them as colouring pages for […]

  • mayBE 2015: seventeen.

    Are you a city mouse or country mouse? What landscape is around you?  A cityscape?  A countryscape? What scape intrigues or excites? What scape would you or do you retreat to? A small backyard one?  A vast and open seascape? A virtual cyberscape? A spacescape? To get your imagination going, take a look at this […]

  • mayBE 2015: sixteen.

    I have a guest post today from Princess Perez-Villapando!  I have known Princess just over 30 years.  Although we had lost touch for a few decades, I am happy that we have been able to reconnect online and collaborate on projects over at Sense of Story.  You can find them here and here.  Her ability to […]

  • mayBE 2015: fifteen.

    I like telling stories.  My kids love hearing them.  I read to them at bedtime.  Currently we are reading The Penderwicks in Spring,the last book in a series that we have read and re-read over the years.  The first book is about four sisters and a dog.  The family slowly grows and a little boy […]