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  • boats and bridges.

    He calls me out to the front of the house to verify. He looks at me slightly confused, “Round? Like a circle.” “Yes, a circle.” *** Circles have always been a big part of our family structure. After breakfast, when the kids were little, I would sing to them to gather for the morning circle […]

  • wintering.

    For those of you living in places where you see your breath when you exhale, and you don’t exalt in the joys of sub-zero weather by strapping on three layers of woolies to frolic in the snow-covered woodlands, then I apologize in advance for sounding obnoxious. I am freezing this morning. It is 20 degrees […]

  • my word for 2023:

    In early November, I participated in a panel at the American Educational Studies Association’s Annual Conference in Pittsburgh with my co-researcher, Minkie English. As we prepped for the conference over text weeks before, her in United States and me in Costa Rica, it dawned on me that I needed to look “presentable.” I also realized […]

  • goodbye 2022.

    My husband and I went on a road trip a few weekends ago. We had to take the long way to the city which entails a series of long, winding roads and jack-knife turns up and down mountains. I have a healthy fear of heights and car accidents. Every time we leave in the car […]

  • my word for 2022:

    I miss writing. Scratch that. I continue to write daily in my journal, my morning pages. This is my forever writing practice that keeps me sane by giving some space to experience. The writing I miss is writing here on this very old and antiquated blog. I was pulled back here after a meditation. In […]

  • Vignette 52/52. Miracles and the Finish Line.

    I started these vignettes on November 10, 2020. I wrote them daily up until December 31, 2020. (I wrote the 49th one on that day.) Vignette 50 and 51 were posted on July 2 and July 3, 2021 as I began another creative journey (100 Day Project – 100 Days of writing and drawing called […]

  • Vignette 51/52. Another 100 Day Project.

    I am a creative person. I have to make things. I am old enough to understand myself that when I am not creative, I am not thriving. In 2015, I embarked on my first 100 Day Project – a lofty mission to create something every day for 100 days. In the beginning I chose to […]

  • Vignette 50/52. Unraveling.

    This is my first attempt to write in a long time and of course, the first thing I do is try to change this font. I actually wrote the following vignette in May and forgot to put it here. This explains a lot of why I just couldn’t finish the last three vignettes. It has […]

  • Vignette 49/52. The Magic of Limits.

    “What are the new restrictions?” It’s become a normal question like “What are we doing today?” After a few months of a merry-go-round of different levels of restrictions, we have gotten used to sudden changes in social distancing, closures, and driving. It was a dizzying spring and summer for a lot of people. For us, […]

  • Vignette 48/52. Slow and steady.

    Albert Einstein called it the eighth wonder of the world. Compound interest. Exponential growth. When I introduced this concept to the students, we began with the simple problem of would they rather receive a fixed amount of $325 at the end of one month or the option of an amount doubling starting with a penny. […]