december 12.


Today’s prompt is the quote above.

We have often thought about celebrating the holidays abroad.  Sometimes we think that it would be nice to have our little family of 7 celebrate Christmas together by ourselves in a faraway place.  But my children love tradition and consistency at this time of year. It is their favourite time mostly because of what we do with extended family.

My kids are at a sleepover tonight at my mom’s house.  My grandfather, aunts, cousins, and their kids are sleeping over too.  It has become a regular thing.  It is about being together.  The never-ending cooking in the kitchen, the laughter, the stories, and the air mattresses everywhere.

This is what December looks like for us.  Family time.  A time to be with our immediate and extended families.  A time to eat comfort foods.  A time to let our senses reawaken with familiar sights, sounds, textures, tastes, and smells of the season. At this time, we don’t venture into new territories – there are no “voyages of discovery.”  We return to what we know for sure so that we can prepare for the unknown of the new year.

What rituals of reassurance do you return to at this time of year?







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