december 15.

Today’s prompt:


Yes you.

You matter.

Don’t underestimate the power of those two words.

Those two words can make someone smile, brighten someone’s day, and can even change someone’s life.

But there are also a million little ways to show someone that they matter.

I spent the day with my kids making gifts. We are quilting, sewing, drawing, and knitting.  I love watching them pick projects and fabrics based on the recipient.  They choose carefully and deliberately.  I check in on their progress occasionally.   I encourage them when they lose steam or help them fix mistakes.

They take this gift-making seriously.  It matters to them because the people they are making the gifts for matters to them.  And I will re-thread a needle a hundred times, rip out seam after seam, and change the bobbins because my children matter to me.

Even when we forget to say those two words, are we able to show it in one of those million little ways each day?








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