december 22.


Today’s prompt:

What act of generosity can you do right now?


This is what it says on the little sticker above in my Book of Hours entry:

wonderful day

Dazzling because of the sun.

For awhile close eyes then open it

because I’m dizzy for a moment.


The act of generosity was from a group of amazing kids that made today a wonderful day.

I am still dizzy with gratitude for the gifts given to me today: from the springtime sunshine that shone in these first days of winter to the children I had the privilege of teaching today.

My husband and I had the opportunity to teach a workshop together for the very first time.  We co-taught a Book of Hours workshop for boys between the ages of 9 and 13.  I had facilitated a workshop for tween and teen girls but did not know what to expect. As the sun streamed through the windows, we engaged in a meaningful and thoughtful discussion with these boys.

They ended up teaching me something that I had forgotten.

I had slipped on my gratitude practice.  A gratitude list used to be the first thing I wrote at the top of my morning pages.  Instead I have been filling it with other forms of lists and questions.

But today these kids reminded me how gratitude works miracles.  Gratitude leaders to feeling abundant and that everything is enough and will always be enough which leads to giving freely over and over again.  I have never felt more grateful for a gift that was given to me through teaching this workshop.

I am still dizzy…with gratitude.








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