december 23.


Today’s prompt:

List the traditions that you LOVE.

This Christmas I have had to give up a few traditions that no longer fit our family.  Traditions that have lost those initial feelings of comfort, security, rhythm, and connection.  I have finally let go of traditions that worked for a family with littles but too difficult to maintain with children who are growing into independent individuals.

I took the kids to do some last minute errands today and to honour a new tradition we began a few months ago.

This tradition has nothing to do with the holidays.  It is something that I do with the kids once a month just before the full moon.

I take all five of them to the rock and crystal store.  They choose $5 worth of crystals, precious gems, or minerals that they like or that they feel they need at that moment.  It is a tradition I began as a way of getting to know who they are right now.  When we get to the store, the kids spread out.  They look at all of the stones.  They read the properties and purposes.  And then they choose.  One child might choose one that helps with creativity.  One child might choose one that helps with listening and communication.  One child may choose one that calms and heals.  One child might choose one because they like how it sparkles in the light.

Each one chooses differently each time.  It is a reminder to me that they are always changing.  It is a way to see who is standing in front of me and for them to know that I see them.  By scheduling this monthly and committing to this outing as a family tradition, they know that I make this act of recognition a priority.

This tradition also includes a lunch out at one of our favourite Japanese restaurants. We chat about what crystals we hope we see and we help each other decide what we need.

I am always questioning or tweaking our traditions because what I want my children to learn what the quote above says:  “a tradition without intelligence is not worth having.”  I want them to find the balance of honouring the past and finding connection through tradition with moving forward and defining their own path.  I want them to know that I don’t blindly follow a tradition that might no longer serve them.

Today I love this new tradition.  This is what works for us…right now.






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