december 4.


The above quote is today’s prompt.

I didn’t really like poinsettias.  The poster plant for this season seems so perfectly arranged in its little gold-foiled pot.  It felt a little too contrived, a little too artificial.

But then my in-laws started giving us this plant every year for Christmas.  At first I worried about the kids eating the plant.  Then I worried that they were spending too much money on this purely decorative centrepiece.  I fretted over the size of the plant and where to put it in our small home.  But then each year, I looked at it a little differently.  It became part of our family traditions.  I moved it around every year finally settling on a place on top of the high counter in our kitchen, the closest thing in our home to a pedestal.

I saw it as a beautiful gesture from them – a gift to brighten up our space (and a gift to a daughter-in-law that can be sometimes difficult to buy for).  I even changed our decor to red to match.

The magic of the holidays isn’t just about these kind offerings but also accepting these offerings.  It’s about letting others bear your burden, ease your load, and give to you the most generous of gifts.  We can offer these small gestures to our loved ones and even to strangers but it’s a two-way street.  I know that now.  Thanks to the poinsettia.










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