mayBE 2015: eight.



Before you jump into this drawing prompt, read the quote below from Milton Glaser, the legendary graphic designer that can be found in Imagine by Jonah Lehrer, as he talks about what he learned after sketching the face of his mother:

“We’re always looking, but we never really see.  When you draw an object, the mind becomes deeply, intensely attentive.  And it’s that act of attention that allows you to really grasp something, to become fully conscious of it.  That’s what I learned from my mother’s face, that drawing is really a kind of thinking.”

Another kind of thinking.

Take your favourite cup or mug.  Something that you use every day. An object that you probably take for granted.  By drawing it, you will see it differently.  You may notice a detail that you never noticed before.

For those who want a bit of a challenge, try drawing your cup with one continuous line – an extreme form of drawing in contour.  (And a bigger challenge would be do it in blind contour.)

Just use a pencil.  Erase if you need to.  It shouldn’t take long.  Draw it large.

After you finish drawing it, fill it.

This vessel that you have just created is empty.  What can it contain?  (Besides the much-needed coffee of course.)  What else?

Fill your cup.  Fill it with things you need more of like time, energy, patience, etc.  Fill it with things that you are grateful for.  Fill it with things that make you happy.  Fill it and try to make it overflow.   Whatever it is that can or does bring you to that magical place, fill your cup with it.

Even if you think you can’t draw, try it.  Look at it as another way of thinking.  A way to take a small risk into an unknown and unfamiliar territory.  Don’t be afraid of the outcome.  Stay in the moment and be conscious of what you really see.  Look at the edges, the outlines, the outside.



You have completed one week’s worth of creative prompts in your month-long exploration of mayBE.  If you are playing a little bit of catch-up, don’t worry. If you’ve only had a chance to read the prompts and the posts, and it has inspired a thought or a change in perspective or it has lead to amazing insights, then I think it’s still done its job.

I have learned most from my children’s interpretations of the prompts.  I have learned that setting a timer makes me just go for it without overthinking and mulling over endless possibilities for a prompt.  I have learned that I can also keep going back to a piece and fiddle with it if it makes me happy.  I have learned that I love to add words and thoughts to whatever I draw – the emotions involved, the challenges I face.  I have also learned that collaboration and connecting with people lead to more creative insights and inspiration.

On those mornings where a 4am start is necessary to get done what needs to be done, I turn to your creations for motivation to keep pushing and expanding my own thoughts of what happens here in this space. Thank you to all those who have shared their work!  (I will definitely try to update my journal page a little faster.)

Sometimes I really feel like I am re-learning.  I am stripping down and adding back and digging deep. Things are firing and connecting in my brain in rapid speed.  I am more willing to put myself out there a little more each day.

So if you’ve come to the party late, don’t worry.  Read through the prompts here.  And check out #may_BE2015 on Instagram for some of the cool creations and interpretations of the prompts.  Begin today or stagger yourself so that you will end up creating a week into June.  Do the prompts whenever you can fit them into your day or save some until the weekend if that works for you.

I feel like this was a great week to warm-up our fingers and minds.

Let’s take it up a notch for next week and mayBE push a little more past what makes us comfortable, shall we?

Please leave a comment below about what this week has looked like for you if you have been participating in the prompts.  Any insights?  Any thoughts or fears that surface?  


You can leave a comment below or join my top secret life explorers group on Facebook if you want to share any discoveries or explorations.  Friend me  and I will send you an invite!  You can share your thoughts or your creative expressions there.  You can also post on Instagram using #may_BE2015  







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