mayBE 2015: eighteen.


In our house, mandalas are drawn all the time.  They have similar meditative properties to the zentangle that Lynn introduced in mayBE: seven.

The kids draw them in restaurants.  They draw them on planes.  We have made them out of natural objects on the beach.

And you can even have them as colouring pages for around the house.

Read my blog post on our exploration of this activity, the meaning behind mandalas, and what we learned from doing them.

Tibetan sand mandalas give a different twist to mandala making.  Here is a video on the creation and destruction of one.  The painstaking process of making one can span weeks and shortly after it is destroyed. They represent spiritual truths from Buddha and are meant to heal not only people but the planet as well.  Here is a gallery of some sand mandalas and the explanation of their meanings.

The mandala traditionally represents the universe and wholeness.  It can also represent a journey and can tell a story.  Set your intention.  Draw your mandala.  Meditate on the act itself.  And if you want, practice a little impermanence and destroy it.


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