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I have a guest post today from Princess Perez-Villapando!  I have known Princess just over 30 years.  Although we had lost touch for a few decades, I am happy that we have been able to reconnect online and collaborate on projects over at Sense of Story.  You can find them here and here.  Her ability to turn old antiques and flea finds into treasure has inspired me to look at the old differently.  We also share the love of large family living…



I’m a Stay-at-Home mum to 4 lovely children.  1 in university, 2 school-agers and a toddler.  I have a personal website which is a project in progress.

In my spare time I enjoy volunteering, going to antique/flea markets, eating pastry and most of all crafting.   Crafting, dancing and writing are therapeutic to me and has helped me through all my trials and tribulations.  Most would describe me as an eternal optimist…I don’t see anything wrong with that!

Expressing creativity…

Since I was 4 I have danced Hawaiian and although I haven’t performed professionally in years, I privately dance for myself and my family.  I would choreograph dances to slow songs or just dance to my favorite Hawaiian songs.  More recent creative projects include revamping some vintage costume jewelry that I’ve collected throughout the years.

Creative inspiration…

Lately I’ve been inspired by my childhood memories, memories that I’m not sure are real or from a childhood daydream.  They are good happy emotions and they’re stirring my creative juices and leaving me in such high spirits.  At the moment I am working on a personal painting that was inspired by my children’s laughter and the colours I see when I hear them.  Usually I get inspired on walks through the city, surrounding myself with like-minded people, and my children’s questions.

villapando_Bizarre love triangle

Social media outlets like Pinterest, Instagram and fellow creative bloggers are great inspirations for me as well.

Earliest creative memories…

I was in kindergarten when my grandmother bought me my first set of coloured chalk.  She thought they were light coloured crayons when she gave them to me at one of our weekly walks around Edwards Gardens.  I remember drawing flowers on construction paper this particular day.   When she showed me how I can smudge the chalk to soften my lines I thought that was the most amazing trick in the world.  My grandmother was the person who showed me how to appreciate Mother Nature and the sound and smell of the rain.

Creative process…  

I’ve learned not to “try” too hard and be more free with whatever I’m creatively doing.  I’ve learned that mistakes are only in the eye of the beholder.  I’m learning how to roll with my creativity and accept my creations for what they are as long as it’s a product of a true emotion that I was feeling.

If I start a project and it doesn’t go the way I envisioned it, or it’s getting me frustrated I set it aside and walk pass it for days sometimes weeks until I see something new in it again.

Creativity to me is all about sharing.  Sharing a story or perspective…stirring up emotions, making people smile, think, feel.   There is no right or wrong, it is very forgiving.


My 15min DIY:


The following project was inspired on Wednesday when I was doing a cleanse in my home with sage. Once I was done going through the house I sat down on my couch staring at the smoke from the burning sage.


I was staring at the waves and the design that the smoke would make in the air.  I remembered seeing a DIY on marbling paper but I wanted a different effect.

Materials you will need: 


-Nail Polish

-Nail Polish remover


-Medium to large bowl (deep enough to dunk your ceramic item and one that you don’t need to keep)

-Ceramic bowls.  ::You can use mugs or a vase.  Anything ceramic works best.

Pour luke warm water into the bowl.   Drop your choice of coloured nail polish into the bowl.  You can use more than 1 colour but work fast because it dries quickly which leaves you with not a lot of time to swirl or get the effect you may want.


TIP: if using 2 colours dip them in the water at the same time.  For each dunk use new water for a cleaner look.

Gently dip your bowl into the water with a downward swooping motion to create a wave like design.



If you do not like your results simply use the nail polish remover to erase and try again.  I also used the nail polish remover in places I didn’t want the nail polish to be.

You are left with a beautiful one of a kind “smoke like” design that you can admire while having cereal or that well deserved coffee break.


NOTE: Hand wash your item with a soft sponge, do not put in dishwasher.  Nail polish design may melt and wash away.


Thanks Princess for this DIY idea and for sharing your story today!  I will be running to my local second-hand shop to grab some plain looking bowls and mugs for the kids to decorate. I hope to actually like to create one day but for now this 15 minute project is perfect.

Filling your cup is one thing but isn’t lovelier when it’s made with your own individual touch?


You can leave a comment below or join my top secret life explorers group on Facebook if you want to share any discoveries or explorations.  Friend me  and I will send you an invite!  You can share your thoughts or your creative expressions there.  You can also post on Instagram using #may_BE2015  



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